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DiSC Profiles in San Francisco

City of San FranciscoSan Francisco has a unique culture and character including trolley cars, terrific views, terraced hillsides and the Transamerica Pyramid.  But that’s not all! San Fran, the glittering jewel of Northern California’s coastal region, boasts iconic architecture, a strong economy and a colorful cultural scene.  For these reasons and many more, San Francisco remains an all-American metropolis – the perfect place to apply results of a DiSC® Profile assessment from Intesi! Resources.

From the Gold Rush era in the mid-19th century to the present day, San Francisco has always been “the place to be.”  Today, the gold reserves have long since been depleted, but San Francisco remains a trendy spot for high-earning individuals.  The city’s proximity to Silicon Valley, Stanford University and other landmarks have made it a desirable location for companies, start-ups and job seekers everywhere.

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Map of San Francisco VicinitySan Francisco's Economy

San Francisco’s main industry is tourism, but the city is also a technology and communication center.  Popular internet firms such as Craigslist, Twitter,, Zynga and the Wikimedia Foundation began as start-ups by the bay – and retain main offices in San Francisco to this day.  If you’re considering applying to these companies, it’s best to know as much as you can about the job market – and a DiSC Profile assessment can certainly help you understand what motivates and stresses you while job hunting in the San Francisco market.

With the Everything DiSC Profile, there are 5 different types, each with its own unique information.

These behavioral assessments include:

  • Everything DiSC Workplace Profile
  • Everything DiSC Sales Profile
  • Everything Management Profile
  • Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile
  • Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Profile

DiSC Profile information is also used by San Francisco employers to properly recruit, interview, hire and promote their workforce.  DiSC Profiles have been a popular tool for non-profits, private enterprises and government agencies in San Francisco and the greater Bay area.

San Francisco's Educational Scene

With such a robust economy and high-tech firms, San Francisco needs an educated pool of potential employees.   The University of California at San Francisco, San Francisco State University and the City College of San Francisco are just a few of the area’s institutions of higher learning.  Teachers, instructors, professors and students can take information from a DiSC Personality Test to better integrate with their academic surroundings.  DiSC Profile tests are a popular choice for the San Francisco metro area and throughout Northern California.

San Francisco’s vibrant, culturally distinct neighborhoods like Chinatown, Potrero Hill, Cow Hollow, Pacific Heights and Haight-Ashbury have a vibe all their own.  The pulse of San Francisco beats differently in each one.  But a DiSC Personality Test can reveal the common thread that unites them all.

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As you can see, there’s much more to San Francisco than the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf and Alcatraz!  See why many people in the greater San Francisco area have used DiSC Profile information.  Our friendly & informative customer service team is ready to help. Please call us at 866-3INTESI (866-346-8374), or feel free to send a secure message on our contact page.  Also a DiSC Personality Test is ideal for the greater San Francisco region and across Northern California for job hunters

Intesi! Resources is an Everything DiSC Wiley Authorized Partner and in addition we have a DiSC Certified Trainer on staff to assist our customers with any implementation concerns they may have.  We also have an EPIC Account that will streamlime any company assessment process while saving money.

Uncovering your own unique behavioral trends from a DiSC Profile is a great way to optimize your San Francisco experience, whether you’re a permanent resident, student or visitor of this great American city.