Work Expectations Profile (Paper)


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Work Expectations Profile (Paper)
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Work Expectations are those things you consider likely to happen in your job situation, either now or in the future.  Whether Spoken or Unspoken, your expectations are the key drivers of your Attitudes, impacting your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  Your attitudes, in turn, influence your performance, commitment, and job satisfaction.

Studies have shown that anytime you've got clearly described, well communicated expectations, you'll be more happy and much more successful as compared to individuals whose expectations go unspoken or unrealized.  Regardless if you are functioning with a team, shifting to a different job, or simply just taking advantage of your every day regimen, you actually share a common objective with your company.

The Work Expectation Paper Profile provides a framework for you to:

  • Explore 10 key expectations plus information on compensation expectations
  • Discover which expectations are most important toy YOU
  • Learn how to communicate your expectations to OTHERS
  • Get feedback on managing your expectations
  • Improve your outlook and enhance your attitude toward work
  • Enjoy the benefits of increased job satisfaction and improved performance

Managing Your Expectations

How do expectations affect my work?

Scientific studies on expectations in the workplace has demonstrated that employment relationships are highly impacted by expectations.  Whenever you start or continue employment, certain expectations of a position are made crystal clear, for example salary, the hours you'll be working, as well as the responsibilities you'll be carrying out.  Various other expectations, nonetheless, might be so closely related to your concept of work that you just assume the expectations are going to be met without having clearly declaring them, Regrettably, unspoken expectations frequently cause unmet expectations.  And unmet expectations may cause such unfavorable outcomes as job unhappiness, resentment, decreased productivity, diminished job commitment, and greater turnover.

How will understanding expectations improve my attitude and job satisfaction?

Your expectations influence your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and attitudes.  And, whether you intend them to or not, your attitudes can significantly impact others.

In the workplace, employers rank creating and maintaining a positive attitude as one of the top items on their priority list.  Opening up dialogue between employers and employees helps to uncover the unspoken, unrecognized expectations that can foster negative attitudes.  When you have clearly defined, well-communicated expectations, you are more likely to have a positive attitude and enjoy greater job satisfaction, even if your expectations are unmet.


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