Time Mastery Profile® (Online)


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Time Mastery Profile® (Online)
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If you could reduce your staff’s wasted time by just five minutes every hour, productivity would jump 8.3 percent. Efficiency levels would also rise as staff members began to devote more time to completing critical tasks. The Time Mastery Profile is a complete assessment tool that helps individuals set priorities and manage their time more effectively.

Tap into a Powerful Tool for Self-Assessment

The Time Mastery Profile helps people evaluate their time-management effectiveness in 12 critical areas:

Attitudes         Interruptions

Goals              Meetings

Priorities         Written Communications

Analyzing        Delegation

Planning         Procrastination

Scheduling      Team Time

Employees get practical tips for improving their time-management skills in those areas that need work. The Time Mastery Profile also provides a detailed framework for personal action planning under each of the 12 categories.

Help People Maximize Their Time

The advantages of efficient time management go beyond squeezing more tasks into the work day. In companies with successful time-management strategies, teams meet project deadlines more often and managers spend more time pursuing opportunities — and less time struggling with paperwork or attending unproductive meetings. These organizations serve more customers without adding staff, equipment, and office space.

In today’s streamlined, fast-moving workplace, it’s more important than ever to make the most of every day.

This 32-Page Online Time Mastery Profile helps individuals and teams develop customized strategies for improving productivity and increasing efficiency.

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