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Team Dimensions 2.0 Online Profile
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Introduction to the Team Dimensions 2.0 Online Profile

Many times, individuals don’t acknowledge the skills of their team members, and in some cases they don’t know their unique abilities.  They might not appreciate the differences that each and every person provides the team, or they might not understand the incredible importance of effective and considerate teamwork.  To demystify the team approach, the Team Dimensions 2.0 Online Profile describes the way your team will determine each member’s abilities and put individuals in roles that permit them to actually utilize those talents.

The Team Dimensions 2.0 Online Profile
recognizes key roles that individuals accomplish in group settings.  Each of the roles down below produces a unique contribution to a team.

  • Creator: Individuals who produce new ideas and fresh concepts are Creators.  They would rather stay in the realm of possibilities.  Creators seek out pursuits that are unstructured or abstract, and they also really enjoy innovation and different answers.

  • Advancer: Those individuals who convey brand new ideas and advance them forward are Advancers.  These individuals concentrate on the personalized, interactive arena of emotions and human relationships.  Advancers take care of the human piece of any solution, and they also really enjoy whipping up excitement for a challenge.

  • Refiner:  People who research a solution for weaknesses or change a project methodically are Refiners.  These individuals concentrate on the objective, analytic realm of facts or theories.  Refiners take advantage of logic as well as a step-by-step approach to revamp a solution, and they also ensure that concepts are sound prior to moving them to the next stage.

  • Executor: Individuals who provide concrete outcomes and seek out successful implementations are Executors.  They are generally reality based.  Executors make sure very important tasks are done, and they also take note of specifics and also the final analysis.

  • Flexer: Individuals who're a blend of the other four roles are Flexers.  These individuals come with an equal inclination for almost all the other roles.  Flexers can frequently adjust their particular styles to suit the requirements of the team, and they also most likely see issues from various perspectives.

Keep in mind that no role is superior or worse than any other.  A well balanced team should have every one of the roles represented.  The best performing teams have individuals who locate the opportunities to do their best and provide other individuals the space to implement their very own talents.

Even though most individuals can stretch to carry out every one of the roles, these stretches in many cases are stress filled as well as energy consuming should they last very long.  The best performing teams incorporate individuals who play to their own strengths and incorporate their natural abilities.  The secret is to understand that all of us have an ideal role that could be tapped to assist teams produce their best solutions.

This profile explains your preferred role and examines its advantages and challenges.  You will quickly realize what you do best in a team environment, and you'll gain vital understanding of your work behavior.  Additionally, you will understand about other team members’ contributions, the value which they provide for the process, and ways to perform most optimally together.

Use The “Z PROCESS” To Keep Your Teams Advancing in the Correct Direction

The Team Dimensions 2.0 Online Profile routes the actual flow of setting roles, performing tasks, and passing off tasks to other team members within the “Z Process.”

Within this exchange method, jobs are transferred from Creators to Advancers, from Advancers to Refiners, from Refiners to Executors. Flexers fill out the process holes helping to keep the entire process advancing to a successful conclusion.

As businesses depend much more on teams to innovate, problem solve, develop, and compete at the very rapid speed of change in today's business environment, comprehending and taking advantage of individual strategies to group procedures is essential to creating high performance teams.

Utilize Team Dimensions 2.0 Profile to:

  • Complement individual strong points with team roles
  • Build up team unity
  • Promote individual innovation
  • Reduce project cycle time
  • Lower team conflict

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