DiSC® I-Sight - Personality Test for Kids


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DiSC® I-Sight - Personality Test for Kids
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Personality Test for Kids and Teens
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The DiSC® I-Sight® Profiles shown HERE are single profile booklets.

DiSC I-Sight Personality Test for Kids is a unique learning profile developed for young people from ages 12 to 18.  Using the DiSC Model, I-Sight creates positive self-awareness and understanding of others by helping young people recognize and accept behavioral differences.  Written in positive and affirming language, our personality tests for kids will also increase self-esteem and show how they can use their strengths more effectively.

Each of us tends to have certain strengths and limitations.  Self-awareness is the first step toward discovering and making the most of our strengths and minimizing our less strong areas.  Our Personality Tests for Kids give youth information that helps them recognize and value themselves.

The results are NOT based on someone else's perceptions.  The young person fills out the youth personality test about himself or herself and then decides which parts of their style truly describe him or her.  The exercises on the back of the instrument also offer them the opportunity for them to personalize their results.  Affirming that they are the experts on themselves.

The DiSC I-Sight Profile is NOT a psychological instrument.  Our personality test for youth provides insights into normal behavior.

The results of the I-Sight are NOT available to others without the young person's permission.  The purpose is to give youth helpful information, not collect data on the individual.

This Personality Test for Kids in NOT a test.  Many young people have been conditioned to become tense and resistive when faced with a test-like activity.  DO NOT refer to DiSC I-Sight as a TEST.  The word test causes unnecessary anxiety and is inaccurate.  Instead use terms like learning instrument or assessment tool when discussing I-Sight.  No one can "pass" or "fail" the DiSC I-Sight.

Guided Exploration into New Insights

This Youth Personality Test described in fresh, easy-to-understand language.

DiSC I-Sight Profile provides a guided exploration of behavior across the four DiSC dimensions:

  • D - Direct and Active
  • i - Interested and lively
  • S - Steady and cooperative
  • C - Concerned and correct

The DiSC Personality Test for Kids reinforces what young people may already know about themselves and reveals new insights about their behaviors.  It provides a common, objective framework for looking at how those behaviors impact others, and it offers proven approaches for interacting more effectively with others.  These Personality Tests for Kids help them orient who they are and how they fit into this world.

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