In-Person Everything DiSC® Certification

In-Person Everything DiSC® Certification
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August 1-2, 2017 - Register by July 18, 2017
September 12-13, 2017 - Register by August 22, 2017
Workplace Profile Training Kit
Management Profile Training Kit
Work of Leaders Profile Training Kit
Sales Profile Training Kit
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DiSC Certification Training for Trainers and Consultants

Everything DiSC® Certified Trainer designation provides you with credentials that demonstrate your in-depth understanding of DiSC and the Everything DiSC Training Kits (Workplace Training Kit, Management Training Kit, Sales Training Kit, or the Work of Leaders Training Kit).

Are You Searching For:

  • Confidence and Credentials to conduct Everything DiSC sessions?

  • An immersion in the Everything DiSC Model and the Newest DiSC Research?

  • In-Depth knowledge of DiSC and the Everything DiSC Product Family?


Click Below for Online Course Details:
Online Certification for The Everything DiSC Workplace

IMPORTANT: U.S. and Canadian Residents Only

Training Kit and 2-Day Certification for $2,975.00.

See:  Everything DiSC Trainer Certification eBrochure

See:  Certification Agenda

The two-day in-person Everything DiSC Certification sessions, held in Minneapolis, will give you foundational knowledge about Everything DiSC and ensures that you are grounded in the newest DiSC research.  This course provides a way for you to demonstrate your commitment to excellence and innovation.

The course is not intended to train you in facilitation or coaching skills.  Instead, it will arm you with the knowledge and content expertise you need to confidently answer questions and help build others’ understanding of DiSC.  It will provide you with an in-depth understanding of DiSC, the Everything DiSC profiles and their applications.  With the Everything DiSC Certification, you will get hands-on experience with all of the Everything DiSC Profiles, as well as a high-level overview of the tools available in the Everything DiSC training kits.


You will need to register for the course through Intesi! Resources, your Authorized Partner. To be eligible for this certification, each participant must own at least one of the following:

Everything DiSC Facilitation Kits

  • Everything DiSC Workplace®
  • Everything DiSC Management
  • Everything DiSC Sales
  • Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®

Additionally, there will be required prework assigned three weeks prior to the course, so be sure to register early.

The Prework Includes:

  • Orientation for Everything DiSC® Certification Prework
  • The Everything DiSC® Assessments (Workplace, Sales, Management, Work of Leaders)
  • About You!
  • The Everything DiSC® Model: Basic Characteristics
  • Cornerstone Principles of Everything DiSC
  • Others' Motivators and Stressors
  • What Motivates Others?
  • What Do Others Find Stressful?
  • Common Misuses of DiSC Language
  • The Value of DiSC Card Sort
  • Ah-Ha! Moments—Discovering DiSC®
  • Research Scavenger Hunt

Learning Objectives:

During this course you will participate in partner, small group, and large group presentations and breakaways and complete a written exam at the end of the final day.  The final exam is the only graded component.  By completing Everything DiSC Certification, you’ll be able to:

  • Get hands-on experience with all of the Everything DiSC Profiles.
  • Learn the theory to help you understand how to interpret the Everything DiSC Circular Model.
  • Discover how to customize the materials in your Training Kits to meet a variety of organizational needs.
  • Receive personalized profiles from the Everything DiSC family of products

  Personalized Profiles you’ll receive:

         Work of Leaders
         363 for Leaders (Sample Report Only)

NOTE: In addition to The Everything DiSC Trainer Kits we include the following with every certification registration: A FREE EPIC Account with 20 EPIC CreditsA $217.75 Value!

This Everything DiSC Trainer Certification Class includes overview of the entire range of DiSC Reports including:

Currently, Training Sessions are Scheduled for:

  • August 1-2, 2017 (register by July 18, 2017)

  • September 12-13, 2017 (register by August 29, 2017)

  • Training Location:

        All Everything DiSC Trainer Certifications will be held at:

    Wiley Corporate Training Facility

    400 Highway 169 South

    Suite 300

    Minneapolis, MN

        Hotel for Attendees:

    Minneapolis Marriott West

    9960 Wayzatta Boulevard

    Minneapolis, MN 55426

    Hotel Phone: 1-866-268-1280

    NOTE:  Identify yourself as a Certification Attendee for the special room rate.
    You are responsible for your own hotel reservations, and the associated travel expenses.

    Certification includes course materials, practical exam, continental breakfast, and lunch both days.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What if I already own an Everything DiSC Training Kit?
    You can purchase the 2-Day Training Session only, however, you MUST own a copy of one Everything DiSC Training Kit to attend the training session.

    What is the Cost of the Everything DiSC Trainer Certification?
    The cost of the two-day DiSC Training session, including Everything DiSC Training materials of your choice is $2,975 plus Shipping.
    You MUST Own an Everything DiSC Training Kit to attend certification.

    How do I Register for Client DiSC Trainer Certification?
    Register by ordering here, or Call Intesi! Resources Toll Free at 1-866-346-8374,
    or by sending an email to:

    Schedule Your Certification Training Today!