Everything DiSC® Sales Training Kit


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Everything DiSC® Sales Training Kit
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DiSC Sales Training from Intesi!
DiSC Sales Training Kit Teaches Your Salespeople
To Better Connect with Customers and Sell More!

The Everything DiSC Sales Training Kit covers instruction which combines online pre-work, interesting facilitation and videos, and web-based post-training support to produce a individualized chance to learn.

Utilizing DiSC Sales Training Kits, an effective and user-friendly learning model, individuals discover ways to examine and be aware of the styles of your clients.  The end result of using Everything DiSC® Sales Profiles assists salespeople shift their individual styles for connecting much better - and create more sales.

FREE Everything DiSC Training Posters

Important Topics:

Everything DiSC Sales concentrates on 3 Essential Areas:

Comprehending Your Own DiSC Sales Style
Individuals understand their particular DiSC sales styles and just how individual priorities have an effect on their very own selling behaviors.

Realizing and Comprehending Customer Buying Styles
Individuals understand customer mapping - a new way of people reading that assists find out the main concerns and personal preferences of real life clients.

Adjusting Your Current Sales Style towards your Customer’s Buying Style
Individuals employ their particular Everything DiSC Sales Maps to comprehend methods to shift their very own sales styles to get in touch better with regards to their clients.

All New Profile System

More In-depth:  Research validated web based assessment along with a 23-page sales specific profile which helps salespeople comprehend themselves, their customers, as well as their relationships.

The Everything DiSC Sales Profile is purchased as a stand alone product and may even be utilized by itself or together with the training kit.

Very Easily Personalized:  Eliminate or arrange pages, personalize the profile title, or print chosen portions.

Post Training Reinforcement

Easily transfer the training beyond the class room with Everything DiSC Customer Interaction Maps. Salespeople may produce a individualized report that analyzes their very own sales styles to their real life customers’ purchasing styles.

User Friendly Features

Comprehensive Portability:  Training, videos, PowerPoints, and giveaways are provided on a USB drive with sufficient space to save lots of personalized programs in a single spot.

24/7 Online Support:  Obtain the most recent guidelines for personalizing your own program at any time using the new web based help function. Gain access to up-to-date research and resources.

In-depth: (6) 50-minute segments, completely scripted training with fascinating activities.  Trainer notes provide suggestions to improve learning.

Customizable:  Producing personalized solutions has never been simpler. Replace video clips. Customize the PowerPoints, Trainer's Guidebook, and giveaways. Add or delete segments to adjust to any time schedule: from 1 hour to a full day.

Engaging Video:  Modern videos incorporate an 8 minute review of the DiSC sales styles, in addition 52 vignettes showcasing real world, sales specific customer interactions.

All Training Materials, PowerPoints,
Videos delivered in an Easy to Use USB Drive:

Everything DiSC Sales Training Kit USB.

Sample Videos from The Everything DiSC Sales Training Kit USB

Everything DiSC Sales Training Kit includes:

  • Trainer’s Guide and giveaways delivered in Microsoft Word
  • PowerPoints utilizing embedded videos
  • Stand alone, menu-driven videos
  • Templates and pictures
  • Sample Everything DiSC Sales Profile
  • Sample Everythin DiSC Customer Interaction Map
  • Sales Interview Activity Card sets
  • Everything DiSC Sales Customer Interaction Guides (24 Participants)
  • Fully Customizable:  You can easily change videos.  Alter all PowerPoints, Trainer Guides, and Handouts.  Add or delete areas to suit all training specifications.  Personalize the Everything DiSC Online Sales Profile within a DiSC EPIC Account.
  • Complete Portability:  The Training Kit is shipped on a USB Drive with sufficient space to save lots of customizations within the drive itself.
  • Online Support Available 24x7:  Online Support

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