Everything DiSC® Comparison Report (Online)


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Everything DiSC® Comparison Report (Online)
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Building Better Relationships

Build better relationships and make training stick with Everything DiSC Comparison Reports.

These 11-Page research-validated follow-up reports can be created for any two participants to illustrate their similarities, differences, and how they can improve key areas of their working relationship.

The Comparison Report Works with ALL Everything DiSC Profiles

Comparison Reports work for all Sales, 363 for Leaders, Work of Leaders, Management, and Workplace Profiles, allowing you to create reports for coworkers and for managers and their direct reports. And participants get unlimited access — at no additional charge within your EPIC Account.

Have UNLIMITED Access to Comparison Reports
with an EPIC Account

If ordering without an EPIC Account, you must order at least two individual Everything DiSC Profiles at the same time that you order this comparison report! The comparison report compares TWO individual profiles. To make comparisons between more people, you must order one comparison report for each two individuals being compared.

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