Everything DiSC® Bonus Video USB


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Deliver Completely New Life to Teaching Using
The New Everything DiSC® Bonus Video!

Improve your current Everything DiSC® Training using our most popular video clips in recent history. You may be searching for improving communication, impacting team building, increasing management skills, conflict resolution, or sales development, you will discover videos you can utilize to enhance your current Everything DiSC Training Programs. This selection of uncomplicated and entertaining videos enables individuals to get in touch with the understanding on a very individual level.

Utilize the videos as the basis for the presentation, to rehearse people reading together with your participants, or even to wake all of them up following lunch!

     Everything DiSC Bonus Video USB Drive

About this Product:

  • 133 minutes of video (107 sections)
  • Videos provided on a USB drive in Windows Media files (WMV)
  • Substantial online training support

Video features include:

  • A general introduction to the behaviors of various DiSC styles
  • Good examples of unsuccessful and effective communication approaches
  • Casual, unscripted interviews with individuals coming from all 4 DiSC styles
  • Edgy, over-the-top humor which shows style differences in the extreme

    • Variations between DiSC styles while in conflict, and just how behavior might be misinterpreted
    • Managers/Leaders interacting both ineffectively and successfully with personnel with diverse DiSC styles
    • Salespeople exhibiting the way to close a sale more effectively by aligning their approach to satisfy their client's requirements 

The Everything DiSC Bonus Video enhances your Everything DiSC Training which includes these programs:

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders
Everything DiSC Workplace
Everything DiSC Management
Everything DiSC Sales
Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders

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