Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders Profile


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Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders Profile
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DiSC Leadership Profile

Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Profile


What This 360° Profile Will Mean to You

It brings together the very best of 360s with all the usability and power of the DiSC Model, in addition 3 individualized approaches for enhancing leadership performance.  The resulting 360 experience is more productive and gratifying!

Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders Profile is intended for anybody who really wants to use 360° feedback in their leadership development, regardless if they are an emerging leader or even an experienced professional.

This 22+ Page DiSC Leadership Profile
(see sample reports under the tab above) isn't for evaluation; it is a brand new type of 360° Assessment - a leadership improvement instrument that is focused on the interpersonal areas of leadership.  This DiSC Leadership Profile brings together clear visuals along with a conversational narrative style to understand and describe the ensuing data, making the resulting report clear and understandable and able to put into action for the leader.

Download: DiSC Profile for Leaders FAQ

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Learn what's INSIDE the Everything DiSC for Leaders Profile

The Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Profile:

  • utilizes 360° feedback together with extensive leadership development, in addition 3 individualized approaches for improvement.
  • can easily handle limitless raters (see below) for those who have a DiSC EPIC Account.
  • makes use of CommentSmart, our exclusive selectable comments function that permits raters to select from highly analyzed, behavior focused comments, and supplies beneficial, doable feedback.
  • the ensuing Leaders Profile provides impactful images as well as a conversational structure.

Utilizes The Usability and Power of the DiSC Model

The Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Style MapThe Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Profile Style Map (shown on the left), shows exactly how the outcomes are charted for your report.  This circular model, called a circumplex, produces improved accuracy and simpler to comprehend results.

Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders brings together the very best of 360s along with the usability and power of DiSC, plus 3 strategies (therefore the 363) regarding enhancing your leadership performance.

The Result is a successful self-help guide to assist leaders at all levels to increase their understanding of themselves in addition to their personal leadership approaches and also to discover ways to become more effective leaders.



This DiSC Leadership Profile was designed to supply leaders a much better comprehension of how their colleagues look at their very own leadership behaviors, both strong points and weaknesses, and to receive directions on possibilities for advancement.

How This 360° Profile Differs

Reserve any preconceived ideas you could have about 360° assessments.  As opposed to accumulating open ended damaging comments which really can be unhelpful, this DiSC Leadership Profile will offer more richness and context towards your own report.

The Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Profile Results

The interpretive report utilizes an individualized narrative to offer perspective and meaning to your resulting report. It is incredibly comprehensive but nevertheless clear and understandable. Straightforward visuals convey the story immediately.

Precisely How Leaders and Raters Are Employed

Leaders will answer a two-part online assessment: a base Everything DiSC AT Assessment and a 72-item Leadership Behavior segment.  The raters will complete a two-part assessment:  the exact same Leadership Behavior section, together with a 24-item Leadership Requests section that requests which leadership methods they would enjoy seeing the leader perform much more of.

To obtain a report a specific quantity of raters are needed.  At minimum one of the following quantity of raters, divided into 4 groups, will be required:

  • (1+ Raters) consisting of Managers
  • (2+ Raters) consisting of Direct Reports
  • (2+Raters) consisting of Peers
  • (2+ Raters) consisting of Others

For 363 Use an EPIC Account

Any number of raters may be used and leaders can have an unlimited number of raters if using an DiSC EPIC Account

An EPIC Account makes the entire 363 process easier. 

Choose the number of raters you need for your DiSC Leadership Profile at the top when placing an individual profile order.
NOTE: You can have unlimited Raters per Leader with an EPIC Account.

Exactly What Your DiSC Leadership Profile Purchase Includes:
  • A 22+ Page Leader Report - everything about the leader (see under the "sample reports" tab above)
  • Unrestricted quantity of raters - As per order
  • Completely new, research validated DiSC Model
  • Intuitive, easy to read images
  • Full cuts of data and feedback breakdowns
  • Extensive directory of rater commentsExclusive selectable comments feature
  • A FREE 6+ Page Coaching Supplement (see under "sample reports" tab above)
  • Full Raters Report displaying the way they see you in contrast to how well you see yourself, divided by rater group
  • Precisely how the Leader rates on 8 Leadership Approaches and 24 Leadership Practices
  • 3 Individualized Approaches for Leadership Improvement
  • Your own Leadership DiSC Style and Behavior Ratings
  • Your Greatest Strengths as a Leader and Exactly How You Demonstrate Diplomacy
  • Substantial Support Materials are FREE upon request.

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