DiSC® PPSS - General Characteristics Report (Online)


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DiSC® PPSS - General Characteristics Report (Online)
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DiSC PPSS - General Characteristics Report

Report provides individuals and teams with detailed, personalized information to help them apply DiSC Personal Profiles in a variety of business applications.

It offers a wide range of practical interpretive Online DiSC Behavioral Profile reports that help people improve their effectiveness in Sales, Management, and Customer Service. For maximum impact, use the included companion instruments to define role expectations and improve interpersonal communication.

In addition to analysis of the four DiSC Dimensions (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness), this 16-Page report includes:

  • Behavioral Highlights: Describes potential strengths of your DiSC behavioral profile

  • Online DiSC PPSS Graph: Displays your scores on the four DiSC dimensions

  • Behavioral Overview: Provides a narrative overview of your most natural DiSC behavior

  • Motivating Factors: Lists factors that are likely to be most motivating for you

  • Preferred Environment: Describes characteristics of environments that you might find most desirable

  • Tends to Avoid: Lists activities and situations that you will likely avoid due to dislike or fear

  • Increased Effectiveness: Describes strategies to modify tendencies that might inhibit effectiveness

  • Demotivating Factors: Lists factors that are usually found to be most discouraging for you

  • Behavior in Conflict Situations: Describes the range of responses that you might use in a conflict situation

  • Behavior Tendency Continuum: Displays the potential range of intensity for different behaviors

  • Performance Management Worksheet: An action planner that helps you improve and maintain performance

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