DiSC® I-Sight Trainer Guide

DiSC® I-Sight Trainer Guide
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Youth Personality Profiles - Get DiSC I-Sight for Trainers

The DiSC® I-Sight® Trainer Guide helps facilitators effectively administer the DiSC I-Sight Profile in the classroom or with youth groups.

DiSC I-Sight Trainer Guide Overview

This DiSC I-Sight Trainer Guide will provide you with the theoretical and practical information you need to use I-Sight most effectively with a variety of youth in a variety of settings.  DiSC I-Sight for Trainers is designed to be used by classroom teachers, group facilitators, scout leaders, religious educators, and anyone else who works with young people.

After a general explanation of I-Sight, this DiSC I-Sight Trainer Guide will show you how to help youth complete the response form, score the instrument, and interpret their scores.  The DiSC I-sight for Trainers also contains five 50-minute modules that include lesson objectives, outlines, and all the handout masters you need to present I-Sight to the young people with whom you work.

Feel free to make any adjustments in the lessons presented in the teen personality profile guide that feel right to you.  You can tone down or pep up activities depending on your setting.  You can combine lessons and activities or eliminate them as you see fit. You will notice wide margins in this manual.  Write in the DiSC I-Sight Trainer Guide, make notes, or create your own additions to what is here.  Make this DiSC I-Sight for Trainers your own.

Why I-Sight?

Contemporary society presents many challenges for young people to overcome.  I-Sight can be a significant tool to aid them in developing more awareness and appreciation of themselves and their unique approach to the world around them.  We know that better understanding will help young people make choices that are consistent with their skills and help them modify environments that may not be appropriate for them.

Developmentally, adolescence is a time for youth to attain autonomy from their families and to form their own independent self-image.  I-Sight can aid in that process.  It will give the young person a chance to say, “Yes, that is me,” and to be affirmed for his or her behavior.

This is important as youth begin to think about their future. As they begin to understand themselves better, they will be better able to make educational and work decisions that will help them to achieve the career and personal goals they have set for themselves.  And for the young people whose successes tend to be outside the classroom, I-Sight will provide affirmation of their behavior and skills.  Make this your Youth Personality Profile Trainer Guide!

This DiSC I-Sight Trainer Guide Includes:

  • Information on the DiSC Dimensions of Behavior model
  • Administration and interpretation guidelines
  • Five flexible, interactive 50-minute modules
  • Optional activities
  • Reproducible handouts