DiSC® Group Culture Report (Online Only)


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DiSC® Group Culture Report (Online Only)
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This new tool answers the need for a single report that provides a composite of your group's DiSC behavioral styles. Now you can quickly and easily build customized Group DiSC Personality Reports using data from DiSC Classic 2.0 Profile, DiSC Classic 2 Plus, or DiSC PPSS on DiSC EPIC. That's right — you no longer need to create your own spreadsheets!

For the first time, the online DiSC Facilitator Report helps you identify the DiSC behavioral styles of both individual group members and the group itself.

Anonymous Results

Team-members are not named in this report, so you can share it with the whole team!

What's Your Group Culture?

This narrative 18-Page DiSC Group Report is unique and comprehensive and helps you understand how the people in your group are affected — both positively and negatively — by the dominant Group Culture.

Report Highlights Include:

    • Breakdown by DISC Quadrant showing the percentages of the participants in each group. It takes into consideration BOTH Primary and Secondary DiSC Behavioral Styles in the new 2004 research of the Marston DiSC Model.
    • DISC Behavioral Styles Distribution of your participant group and against a reference data group of more than 20,000 respondents from 2004 research.
    • DiSC Classical Pattern Distribution of your respondent group compared to the 2004 reference group.
    • DISC and Group Culture provides specific, detailed outlines for each of the four Group Cultures (D, i, S, C), your participant group, and language describing the benefits and challenges of each of the four DiSC Behavioral Styles within the Group Culture.
    • Group Culture Results provides specifics for each of the four DiSC Behavioral Styles and provides questions to stimulate discussion, dialogue, and insight by the individual participants.
    • Individual Data Table provides results of all group DiSC behavioral participants showing their individual Primary DiSC Style, Secondary DiSC Style, Classical DiSC Pattern, and Segment Numbers (Intensity for all four DiSC segments).
    • Guidelines for responding to each Group Culture.
    • Group Reference Page

              The DiSC Group Culture Report is a low-cost, time-saving DiSC behavioral profile tool that quickly gets you up to speed on your group and the group's culture delivered Online via EPIC.

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