DiSC® Customer Service Action Planner (Paper)


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DiSC® Customer Service Action Planner (Paper)
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This 5-Page DiSC Paper Action Planner Report is used to identify a customer's DiSC Behavioral Style and adapt appropriate responses to meet their customer service needs.

Use the resulting DiSC Customer Service Action Planner report to increase customer satisfaction adapting to their approach to communication and problem satisfaction. Match your behavior to the customer.

Sales & Service Personnel can:

  • increase customer satisfaction
  • successfully address customer concerns
  • manage service objections
  • gain and increase customer loyalty

Identify the Style and then Plan the Action

You use DiSC Paper Customer Service Action Planners to identify another person's DiSC Style and then formulate strategies to better communicate with them in various business or personal situations.

This DiSC Paper Customer Service Action Planner is also used in training sessions that focus on Sales, Customer Service, Management and Leadership Development, Interpersonal Effectiveness, and Team Development.

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