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City of Phoenix

Phoenix is the unquestioned capital of the US Southwest, with abundant possibilities for job hunters, employers and students.  How your personality and behavioral profile fits into Phoenix’s complex commercial and academic system plays a major role in determining success, on both career and personal levels.

A DiSC® Profile from Intesi! Resources can open many opportunities for residents and visitors to Phoenix.  This sunny southwestern urban center has earned a well-deserved reputation for friendly hospitality, unlimited opportunity and a lively cultural heritage.


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Map of Phoenix VicinityBenefits Of A DiSC Profile For Businesses In Phoenix

Who can benefit from a DiSC Profile in the greater Phoenix area?  Practically any employer looking to hire, recruit, interview and promote new or existing employees.  Armed with useful information on behavioral tendencies, Phoenix firms (non-profit, sales companies, employment services, staffing agencies and others) will enjoy greater employee satisfaction and reduced turnover rate with a Phoenix DiSC Profile.  And what’s good for employees is also beneficial to any company’s bottom line.

Plus, Intesi! Resources offers a time and money saving private internet-based
EPIC Account
, which provides robust, feature-rich assessment tools to get the most out of your assessing activities.  This program gives companies and other organizations complete control over their unique testing needs, which helps streamline the entire assessment process.  It will also add depth and power for Recruiting – Hiring – Promoting both candidates and current employees.

The Intesi! Resources DiSC Profile measures four crucial character components: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.  With a clear picture of strengths and weaknesses, a Phoenix job applicant has a better chance in a highly competitive, ever-changing job market.  By using a DiSC Profile in Phoenix, individuals involved in job hunting can better understand what particular attributes potential employers are looking for.

Phoenix Economy, Businesses and Universities

Phoenix has enjoyed a steadily growing economy for years.  The city is home to a handful of Fortune 500 companies, including Pet Smart, Republic Services, Freeport-McRoRan (mining industry) and Avnet (B2B electronics), US Airways and other major corporations.  With a comprehensive lineup of DiSC Profile Assessments,
Intesi! Resources
offers tests for sales representatives, managers and general employees in and around Phoenix.

Phoenix is also the home to many prominent academic institutions, including Arizona State University, Grand Canyon University and the University of Phoenix, just to name a few.  DiSC Profiles can be used by Phoenix students, teachers and others to gain a greater understanding of their unique behavioral makeup. 

With a wealth of cultural offerings and a sunny climate, Phoenix will continue to be a preferred destination for college graduates, job seekers and entrepreneurs.  A DiSC Personality Test in Phoenix is a sensible option for both job hunters and employers.  Discover all the advantages that a DiSC Personality Test in Phoenix can provide. 

Who Is Intesi! Resources?

Here at Intesi! Resources, we think Phoenix is a pretty neat place.  Why else would we call it home?  For over 10 years, we’ve been on the leading edge of behavioral profile testing and assessment; we’re proud to be an Everything DiSC Wiley Authorized PartnerPlus, our staff includes a DiSC Certified Trainer who can help your company choose the best tools possible for your particular assessment requirements.  

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