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City of PhiladelphiaFrom colonial times to the present day, Philadelphia has always been an all-American metropolis.  The city’s strategic location along the Delaware River and its proximity to other East Coast cities are just a few reasons for the city’s prominence.  Philadelphia is also a major hub of commerce for the state of Pennsylvania and the Eastern United States region.  Intesi! Resources is proud to offer DiSC® Profiles in Philadelphia for long-time residents, recent relocations and visitors to this wonderful city.

Founded in 1682 by William Penn, Philadelphia is the quintessential American metropolis.  Philadelphia’s distinct character comes from many sources: cuisine (pretzels and cheesesteaks), culture (countless museums, theaters and more) and a strong economy.  The city hosts a handful of Fortune 500 firms, including Comcast, Pep Boys, Colonial Penn Insurance, Cigna and many more.  DiSC Profiles have been utilized by many Philadelphia companies to effectively recruit, hire and promote the local workforce.


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Map of Philadelphia VicinityEducational Opportunities in Philadelphia

Philadelphia also has a well-educated population, as evidenced by the city’s thriving colleges and universities.  Philadelphia contains the 2nd-highest student concentration on the East Coast, with well over 100,000 students in the city and surrounding area.  DiSC Profiles in Philadelphia are perfect for students or instructors at any of the city’s academic establishments, including St.  Joseph’s University, LaSalle University, Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania. 

Understanding The DiSC Profile

With an understanding of a quartet of crucial behavioral attributes -- Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness –anyone taking a DiSC Profile will enjoy a better understanding of themselves and their Philadelphia surroundings – communication dynamics, self-awareness, leadership characteristics and more.  And with instant personalized results, application and improvement begins immediately!

A DiSC Personality Test can apply to any Philadelphia academic, professional or personal situation.  From a business perspective, both job hunters and employers seeking to recruit, hire, and promote in Philadelphia will find plenty of useful, practical data in a DiSC Profile Test.  This information is helpful for interviewing and resume writing techniques (employees) and achieving greater worker satisfaction (employers).  An EPIC Account is another powerful tool when you need to need to issue, manage, and track multiple DiSC Profiles over multiple engagements.

One thing is certain – Philly’s history, their economy will keep it at the top of any preferred destination lists, especially in terms of upward-mobile professionals, college graduates, job seekers and entrepreneurs.  A DiSC Profile is a valuable part of anyone’s overall personality profile, in Philadelphia and elsewhere.  Find out why a DiSC Personality Test in Philadelphia is utilized by individuals and firms throughout the city and across Eastern Pennsylvania.

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Intesi! Resources is an Everything DiSC Wiley Authorized Partner and is proud to supply reliable behavioral profile tests and assessments.  We’ve been in business for over 10 years, and our expert DiSC standing is enhanced with a DiSC Certified Trainer.  This knowledgeable presence can help your firm select the best possible DiSC test for your Philadelphia company or organization.  Intesi! Resources has provided countless clients with superior tests and practical results. 

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