Why Wiley DiSC®?



Why More Organizations and Individuals Choose Wiley DiSC

Wiley & Sons DiSC Profiles are the original and most well validated of any available assessments that use the D/i/S/C scoring model. Wiley DiSC Profiles are used by 70% of Fortune 500 companies and have been used by more than 44 million people since the 1970’s.

More than a Personality Profile

Wiley DiSC is a tool for understanding how individuals behave – strengths and weaknesses in interacting with others. It delivers additional value over a personality assessment by determining how a given personality is likely react or behave in what might be perceived as positive or negative circumstances.

No Special Training or Certification Required

DiSC products do not require special training or certification to implement. They have "built-in" scoring so the results are immediately available and in "layman's terms."

Immediate Results – No Waiting

The scoring method is built into Wiley's DiSC Profiles. You don’t have to wait or pay for your assessments to be interpreted by others. Results are immediately available upon completion of the questionnaires, and are described in “layman’s terms” – easily readable and interpreted by anyone.

Administer Electronically, or Hardcopy

DiSC can be administered in hardcopy, or electronically depending on individual needs. The DiSC EPIC Account System allows for completion via the internet, with enhanced group dynamics reporting, secure storage, and accessibility from anywhere.

Many Specific Solutions Available

Wiley has developed many additional tools, most based on the DiSC Profile, to create specific solutions - such as improving sales communications, developing better managers, or understanding which applicants for a position are natural fits for the role.

Affordable, Cost Effective

DiSC Profiles are economically feasible. They do not require expensive certification to use. They are the most cost effective solution – especially for large organizations.