What Is A DiSC® Profile?

What's a DiSC Profile?
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 What Is A DiSC Profile?

The Foundation of DiSC Learning - Evolving Through Three Generations

What's A DiSC Profile? - The foundation of Intesi’s DiSC-based learning and assessment solutions.  What's A DiSC Profile? - They are all self-scoring and the results are provided in “layman’s terms” so they are easy to understand.  DiSC Profiles have been used for decades to provide insights into behavioral preferences and inclinations, teach us a common language to understand and discuss personality so that we can have a meaningful dialogue about personality preferences and differences and show us how we can relate to individuals with different personalities.

Through dedication to ongoing research-validation we now have access to three generations of the DiSC Profile that measure and represent the DiSC model in different ways.   The line-graph format is the traditional representation of the DiSC Model.  This format provides separate scores on the four scales:  D, i, S and C.  The interpretation of the graph is based on a Classical Pattern which combines the four dimensions to describe a wide range of interpersonal behaviors and preferences.  The graph is used in the DiSC Classic product family consisting of:  DiSC Classic paper profiles, DiSC Classic 2.0, DiSC Classic 2 Plus and DiSC PPSS. 

What's In A DiSC Profile?

All the resulting DiSC Profile Reports cover Four Key Sections:

  • All about YOU - You learn about your Highest DiSC dimension, tendencies, needs, preferred environment, and strategies for effectiveness.  Additionally, you will explore your Intensity Index to become more aware of your potential strengths and weaknesses and you will discover how your DiSC dimensions form your unique DiSC Classical Profile Pattern.  This answers the question: What Is A Disc Profile?
  • Understanding the DiSC Model - describes the DiSC Dimensions with corresponding descriptions for EACH dimension (not just your profile).  It is the essence of "What Is A DiSC Profile?"
  • All about OTHERS - overviews all DiSC Classical Profile Patterns so that you may better understand OTHERS.  Learning about others is a key value of What Is In A DiSC Profile.  Understanding your self is not enough, you need to be able to understand others as well.
  • Detailed Scoring - provides the scoring details behind your DiSC Profile report. 

William Moulton Marston - The Father of "What Is A DiSC Profile"

In his book, "The Emotions of Normal People," William Moulton Marston first represented the DiSC Model in a circle.  This circular representation of the DiSC Model presents the integration of the interactive nature of the four styles in a simple, visual manner.  Participants can clearly see how the different styles blend into one another and where they fit within that blend.  Everything DiSC is the leading, most accurate suite of DiSC-based corporate training and assessment solutions.  With the circular DiSC map, Everything DiSC offers application layers for the DiSC model  that improve critical people-skills in the areas of management, leadership, sales, communication, customer service and more. 

These advanced applications combine online assessment, classroom facilitation, and post-training follow-up reports to create powerful, personalized workplace development experiences.  Everything DiSC solution-focused products are used in thousands of organizations, including major government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

In conclusion, William Moulton Masrton's ground breaking research answers the question: What Is A DiSC Profile?