Using An EPIC Account


Save Money and Time When Using An EPIC Account


EPIC Account Users Save Money!

Using an EPIC Account, organizations can use their training time more effectively.
Individuals can complete assessments online in advance of training/coaching sessions,
ensuring that every minute of training time is used to its full advantage.
Plus, using EPIC Accounts takes care of scoring the profiles, saving time and increasing accuracy.

See EPIC Account Pricing Options Here!

How To Use EPIC Accounts and How Do They Work

Think of an EPIC Account like a bank account.  You put money into your EPIC Account by purchasing EPIC Credits.  You then "spend" those credits on Online Profiles, as you need them. Each Online Profile has a credit cost figure - ranging from 10 credits to 25 credits.

EPIC Account Benefits

EPIC Account Use has many benefits, including:

  • Savings on volume purchases
  • Username/Password protection of a secure internet based virtual warehouse
  • more than 40 online profiles to use
  • Complete administrative control when:
    • issuing access codes to individuals
    • controlling whether respondents get a copy of the report or it remains under the control of the administrator/s
    • access to all completed reports in a folder structure decided by the administrator/s
    • email notification when someone completes a report sent to administrator/s
    • ability of the administrator/s to view/print/email/ or save completed reports to a different location
  • Issue DiSC profiles anytime, day or night.
  • No Software required - Only Internet access
  • Digital storage of your profiles
  • Full Report Cover Sheet customization with your company's logo and complete contact information on your profiles
  • Unlimited FREE Everything DiSC Comparison Reports
  • Free Supplemental Reports for all Everything DiSC Profiles

No Subscription Or Maintenance Fees for Using An Epic Account

There are no monthly fees, or hidden fees of any kind with an EPIC Account.  You essentially pay only for the profiles you use.  Other than to profiles you use, EPIC Account Use is essentially FREE.

More About Using EPIC Accounts

You can learn more about how to use an EPIC Account, and get your EPIC Account Setup Here.