Using DiSC Training Kits

Learn About Using A DiSC Training Kit


Maximize The Value of DiSC - Start By Using DiSC Training Kits

Our Training kits (or "Facilitator Kits") are available for all DiSC and Other Profiles.

We highly recommend that organizations implementing DiSC into their culture start by using a disc training kits.

When using DiSC Training Kits - All Training Kits include:

  • Fully Scripted Seminars
  • Customizable Hand-Outs
  • Customizable PowerPoint presentations
  • Embedded Video
  • and Detailed Trainer Guides



Using A DiSC Training Kit

The DiSC Classic Training Kit is the most powerful training tool ever built to help you deliver value to your organization when using the DiSC Classic.  The result of more than 25 years of focused DiSC research, using a DiSC Training Kit offers the user versatility in crafting solutions for a wide variety of needs and issues.   When using a DiSC Training Kit anyone who trains or consults with the DiSC Classic prospers; saving time and money while helping you become more efficient and creative.  Using DiSC Training Kits deliver more value than cost.

For The Beginning DiSC Classic User:

  • Helps you quickly prepare for your first DiSC Classic training session
  • Efficiently helps you organize your materials and prepare a customized solution
  • Facilitates your and your audience’s learning by providing you with questions that lead to valuable insights

For The Experienced DiSC Classic User:

  • Generates creative training sessions videos embedded into the PowerPoint slides and a structured learning framework
  • You will discover news ways to use the DiSC Classic that complements existing training programs you might already use
  • Extends attendee relationships by offering an answer to the questions "what do we do next?"

For DiSC Classic Consultants:

  • Saves time and increases creativity
  • Generates customized training solutions
  • Establishes an exciting platform for ongoing DiSC Classic programs so you can offer long-term learning
  • Easy-to-use with a Train-the-Train format

Using DiSC Training Kits for your training needs offers value to beginners, experienced users and consultants.

The Everything DiSC Training Kits are offered for Workplace, Management, Leadership, and Sales focus of the DiSC Training Kit use.

They all have the following powerful features:

  • Extensive Flexibility.  The modular course design helps everyone, from novice to advanced, create DiSC-based solutions of any scope -- fast!

  • Usability and Convenience.  The powerful combination of Course Outlines and Insight Modules helps you get up and running with a wide variety of Everything DiSC Profiles immediately out of the box. 

  • Powerful Experiential Learning.  All Everything DiSC Training Kits include more than 20 individual and group exercises, plus alternative activities that allow you customize your training programs to your particular style and the needs of your audience.

  • Wide Scope.  Eight major DiSC Tools are built right into the training kit, including:
    • DiSC Classic Paper Profiles
    • DiSC PPSS
    • QuikDiSC® Cards
    • DiSC Action Planners
    • DiSC Classic 2.0 on EPIC
    • DiSC Facilitator Report on EPIC
    • Embedded Videos delivered on a USB Drive 
    • Everything DiSC People-Reading Guides

  • Integrated Technology.  Customize your training sessions and craft a professional look with the following multimedia tools:
    • Over one hour of new training video in 68 individually selectable segments using embedded technology
    • More than 100 professionally designed, customizable PowerPoint slides
    • Professionally designed handouts for creating participant manuals
    • PowerPoint and handout templates
    • Sample reports for all online DiSC Profiles

  • Create Simple, Effective, DiSC-Based Solutions  The Everything DiSC Training Kit is built on a series of Insight Modules that help create specific outcomes, or "insights," using a broad range of DiSC-based reports and tools.  With the Insights Modules, you can:
    • Create professional, effective DiSC-based training solutions
    • Learn which approach works best for your desired outcome
    • Discover how to combine DiSC resources for better long lasting results
    • Customize your own DiSC-based training solutions

  • Course Outlines  It's easy to structure Insight Modules into effective solutions.  The Everything DiSC Training Kit includes a number of ready-to-use "starter" Course Outlines that address common issues, including these DiSC Training Kit uses:
    • Effective Communication
    • Conflict
    • Interpersonal Effectiveness
    • Management Effectiveness
    • Team Effectiveness
    • You’ll also get tips on DiSC Training Kit use and building your own custom course outlines.


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