Using DiSC® Profiles in Hiring

Using DiSC In Hiring

Improve The Effectiveness of Your
Recruiting, Interviewing, Hiring, & Promotion Processes

The Process Recruiters and Companies Use Today is BROKEN
If They are NOT Using DiSC in Hiring

Typical American companies base 80% of their hiring decisions on the “intellectual” aspect of the person, that is to say resume, skills, training, and experience.

The result is 85% of turnover is due to Behavior or Style incompatibility – the person could do the job, but for some reason, it was not getting done.

This inadequate process results in poor employee retention, inadequate performance due to poor job fit, and high turnover costs and explains why the national average rate of successful hiring is less than 50%.

Individuals managing these recruiting/interviewing/hiring/promotion processes without a functional behavioral assessment (like DiSC Profiles) are making subjective decisions in the hope that the "intellectual aspect" of the individual will provide enough data to ensure a good job fit.  That's why using DiSC Profiles in hiring will add value to the process.

What Is A DiSC Profile?
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Hire the Right Person by Using DiSC in Hiring

The Everything DiSC Profile, when applied properly, will give more objective information and the ability to improve and increase the effectiveness of the process. 

IMPORTANT: Using DiSC Profiles in Hiring SHOULD NEVER be used as a tool to eliminate candidates from moving forward in any recruiting/interviewing/hiring/promotion process.  No process is "fool proof" but it is always better to make decisions based on more data and insight rather than less data and "gut instinct."  By using DiSC in hiring you get much more data that can assist the interviewing and hiring process.

These Everything DiSC Profiles augment and increase the effectiveness of the recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and promotion process.  Using DiSC Profiles in hiring will help you determine how respondents compare to what you have decided best fits the job or role you have designated.  So to improve your hiring process use DiSC in hiring.

DiSC Profiles for Recruiters

Recruiters using DiSC to provide their hiring clients with an additional level of information about the job prospects add value to their efforts.  Using DiSC Profiles in hiring is a great way for recruiters to differentiates themselves from their competitors.

Download a Sample DiSC Profile

You can download a sample DiSC Profile below in Adobe PDF format.  NOTE: It's based on an previously completed anonymous DiSC Test, so yours will be different based on your own answers.

Review the samples and see why companies use DiSC in hiring.

Save Time and Money By Managing
The Online DiSC Process Yourself

If the use of DiSC Profiles for Hiring you should look into purchasing an EPIC AccountAn EPIC Account will allow you to Brand the cover sheet of every completed DiSC Profile for Hiring and manage the entire process from your personalized, password protected, internet account. 


Order Your DiSC Profile for Recruiters NOW!

For General Candidates:

Use the Everything  DiSC Workplace Profile to hire general candidates.

Order the: Everything DiSC Workplace Profile.  

SAMPLE DiSC Workplace Profile

The results focus on these vital areas:

  • Their DiSC Style as it applies to Priorities, Motivators, and Stressors.
  • How they Take Action, Generate Enthusiasm, and Get Results!
  • How they Connect and Relate to Others.
  • How they Problem Solve.
  • How they Resolve and Diffuse Tension.

For Management Candidates:

Use the Everything  DiSC Management Profile to hire managers.

Order the: Everything DiSC Management Profile.         

SAMPLE DiSC Management Profile 

The results focus on these vital areas:

  • How their DiSC Style affects their management styles.
  • Examining their unique priorities as managers.
  • Their Management Preferences and Priorities.
  • Their strengths and challenges when Directing and Delegating.
  • Their motivations, how they motivate others, and the environment they create.
  • Their natural style of developing others.
  • How they Influence, Communicate, and how their manager tends to see them.

For Sales Candidates:

Use The Everything DiSC  Sales Profile to hire salespeople.

Order the: Everything DiSC Sales Profile.         

SAMPLE DiSC Sales Profile 

The results focus in these vital areas:

  • Their DiSC Sales Style and how their personal priorities influence
    their selling behavior.
  • Their sales strengths of Sincerity, Relationships, and Dependability.
  • Their sales challenges of Results, Competency, and Action.
  • How they can recognize and understand their customer’s buying styles.
  • Shows how they can adapt their natural selling style to sell into
    their customer’s buying style.