Intesi! Guiding Principals Ensure Quality & Value

"It's easy to understand our strengths by tracking our results. Yet most of us underestimate our own strengths. We take them for granted. What we are good at comes easy, and we believe that unless it comes hard, it can't be very good.

As a result, we don't know our strengths, and we don't know how we can build on them. We also seldom know what gifts we are not endowed with. We will have to learn where we belong, what we have to learn to get the full benefit from our strengths, where our weaknesses lie, what our values are. We also have to know ourselves temperamentally: 'Do I work well with people, or am I a loner? What am I committed to? And what is my contribution?' Unfortunately, nobody teaches us these things."...-Peter Drucker

Intesi! was Founded to Provide our Customers with the Guidance and Tools to do just that!

Our DiSC Products, DiSC Performance Assessments, and Services give our customers the power to transform individuals, teams, and entire organizations.


    • We believe that a client has the ability to use and interpret our DiSC Products without us!
    • We believe that a Train-the-Trainer Approach yields the greatest organizational results for our customers.
    • We believe you will try us for the price and advice; but you will become a loyal customer for the service and support.
    • We NEVER disclose our clients or client list. We will protect your privacy too!
    • All ordering is Secure and we never have access to your credit card information.
    • We believe that the best training program is done by you, not by us, and that you simply need the best materials available.
    • We will work hard to earn your business and retain you as a happy and productive customer.

            What Does Intesi! Mean?

            Intesi! is an Italian declarative statement whose literal translation is: “Our intended meaning is understood!”

            The fundamental core of all Intesi! DiSC Products, DiSC Performance Assessments, and Services is the development of a true understanding of self and others - the foundation for all personal and professional success.

            That insight is the catalyst for meaningful growth that delivers A New Level of Performance.

            A Solid Foundation for Results

            The foundation of our products is the original DiSC learning instrument pioneered by Inscape Publishing, Inc. over three decades ago. Our extensively researched and time-tested learning resources, such as DiSC Products and DiSC Performance Assessments, are available in 21 languages and have been used by over 50 million people in over 40 countries. At Intesi! innovation continues to be the driving force – providing DiSC Products and DiSC Performance Assessments that inspire, energize and empower.

            Get in touch with us to learn more about the ways Intesi! DiSC Products, DiSC Performance Assessments, and Services can make real, positive impact on your company's performance or ORDER our DiSC Products from this Web Site to get Started Today.