My Everything DiSC®

MyEverythingDiSC puts DiSC theory to work®, a complementary add-on exclusive to Everything DiSC® learners, is a new follow-up tool that is a mobile-friendly, interactive learning portal — currently in its beta release. 


Learners take everything they learned in the workshop and apply it to the real world. delivers exclusive content, unique learning activities and personalized insights about participants and the people they know—when they want it and need it. 


Use to continue learning about their DiSC style and getting personalized advice on working with others.

Important Documents (Click on the link below):

Making The Most Of Comparison Reports

Site-exclusive content available through My Comparisons provides Respondents with useful tips on interacting with their coworkers based on their DiSC styles. These insights include managing tension, presenting information, getting buy-in, providing/receiving feedback, and getting to know each other.


Respondents choose which Comparisons they are included in by accepting invitations, and can choose to exclude their name and email address from the search results of other participants.


Your Respondents can download and print an EverythingDiSC Comparison Report (just like those generated in EPIC) for any of their 1:1 Comparisons.


Important Documents (Click on the 4 links below):