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The Most Validated DiSC® Profile Information Available

DiSC Profile Information was developed to identify an individual's natural behavioral tendencies, displayed in various environments.

It is the original, most researched and validated, and most widely accepted DiSC Assessments, used by 70% of Fortune 500 companies.

DiSC Profile Information continues to improve in accuracy and the value of the results due to unprecedented research and development.  Learn about DiSC Profiles throughout this site.

Learn About DiSC Profiles - Enhance Team Productivity & Personal Growth

Understanding how an individual is most likely to behave in their environment allows organizations to create more cohesive and productive teams.

It's also valuable for individual growth and may be used by coaches or trainers to quickly understand the resulting DiSC Profile information that shows details about how a person behaves.

When You Learn About DiSC Profiles - There Are No Right or Wrong Answers

With a DiSC Profile, "there are no right or wrong answers" it's not a tool for judgment, rather a tool for insight and learning.

Each individual has strengths that can be a benefit in certain environments, but a liability in others.  Learn About DiSC Assessments to allow group leaders to understand the strengths of each individual on a team, and manage the team to capitalize best on the strengths of all the members.  DiSC Information benefits individuals and companies.

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More Effective Than Ordinary Personality Assessments

Because DiSC Information interprets behavioral tendencies along with the personality traits of the subject, it is more effectively used to generate actual results than simple personality tests.  A personality profile simply identifies the characteristics of an individual's personality, while the DiSC Personality Profile adds environmental factors to determine how that personality is likely to actually behave in certain situations.

Learn About DiSC Assessments - Easy to Implement, Easy to Interpret

Implementing DiSC Assessments does not require any special training or certification.  A questionnaire is completed by an individual, which then identifies the individual's behavioral tendencies in four dimensions... Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.  The results are immediately available in "layman's terms" and do not require any interpretation, as the scoring system is built-in.

DiSC Profiles Were Developed By Leading Experts

The DiSC Profile is based on the work of prominent psychologist William Moulton Marston in 1928, and then further developed into the first DiSC instrument by John Geier.  It is used by thousands of organizations around the world and is generally considered to be the most effective DiSC Profile available.