How To Use DiSC®

How To Use DiSC - Many DiSC Behavioral Profiles To Fit Varying Needs

Many different types of a DiSC Profiles are available, from core personal awareness to profiles that address specific needs - such as sales styles and management styles.

The foundation of the DiSC Profile system is the DiSC Classic Profile.  Because of the deep self-awareness it creates, it is the most used DiSC Behavioral Assessment.  We recommend it as an ideal starting point for most new customers seeking the details of "DiSC How To."  It is available both as an online generated profile and a paper booklet format.  Intesi! is always available to help you learn how to use DiSC Profiles.

Generating An Individual DiSC Assessment Report

In order to generate a DiSC Profile, an individual report must be completed.

The DiSC Classic Profile questionnaire is 28 questions that uses word or phrase associations. It is easy to complete, and generally requires about 15 minutes.

Everything DiSC Profiles are the latest and most accurate profiles available and are only available in online.

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Scoring An Individual Report

DiSC Behavioral Profiles are "self-scoring" - meaning that you don't have to wait for the results and you don't require interpretation by a specially trained person.

The paper booklet versions of DiSC Profiles have scratch-off answers (like a lottery ticket), and easy scoring instructions. The result is a general key that describes different aspects of behavioral styles, and guides the respondent to understanding of their behavioral style.

The online versions of DiSC Behavior Profiles have many advantages.  The questionnaire is completed on a secure website, and the website automatically scores the results.  The profile is immediately delivered in Adobe PDF format (easily saved and printed).  The Online DiSC Reports include helpful expanded personal narratives that give the respondent much more information that is specific to their behavioral style.

Unless internet access is unavailable, we highly recommend the online report versions.

How To Use DiSC Profiles - The Power of Group Reports

When implementing DiSC in a team environment, group reports (also called "Facilitator Reports") provide a detailed analysis of the team - common strengths, weaknesses, gap analysis and recommendations for managers and trainers to get the greatest results from the team as a whole.

Group reports are only available in an online format.  To utilize a group report, each team member must have ordered and completed an individual profile, also in the online version.

Maximizing Value With Training

Everything DiSC Training Kits (or "Facilitator Kits") are available for all DiSC and Other Profiles.  We highly recommend that when learning how to use DiSC inside of their culture, organizations invest in and utilize the training kits.  Training Kits include fully scripted seminars, PowerPoint presentations with supporting handouts, and detailed trainer materials.  They all include embedded videos with modular, customizable PowerPoints that helps train more effectively.  Training Kits are a necessary element when seeking "DiSC Profile How To."

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EPIC Accounts are ideal for those that will use DiSC Profiles regularly, integrating them with corporate culture, or coaching/training. With an EPIC Account, you can issue online profiles with just a few clicks, anytime.  Your profiles are stored securely, and you can access them at anytime over the internet.  There are no monthly fees, or fees of any kind.  You pay for the profiles that you issue. The EPIC Credits model allows you to purchase at volume pricing, so larger organizations can realize significant savings.  An EPIC Account assists in learning "DiSC Profile How To."