Guide to Using Online DiSC® Profile Reports

Before Ordering Online Profiles

We highly recommend Online Profiles over Paper Profiles.

Online Pricing Includes: Report, Personalized Content, and Instant Online Access at One Low Price.


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Here's an Essential Guide to smooth use of Online Profiles:


  1. When ordering multiple reports, order all on one order, not on separate orders.

  2. Group/Facilitator/Comparison Reports for multiple respondents must be ordered at the same time as the individual reports.



  1. You will receive one email with an access code for each online profile that you purchase. You can forward those email codes and instructions to your Respondents, allowing them to complete an ordered profile.

  2. Access codes for online reports are SENT BY EMAIL during regular business hours (M-F, 9AM - 3PM PST). Access Codes are usually sent within 60 minutes of order receipt. Access codes may be sent on the weekend if we are available.

  3. If this is your first time using the EPIC system, read ALL the instructions completely that come with the emailed access code.

  4. IMPORTANT: In the event you have strong corporate spam filters TURN OFF SPAM FILTERS or notify your IT Group of incoming emails from

  5. Check Junk Mail Folders if you don't receive the emailed access codes into your INBOX within a few hours of your purchase.



  1. Simply forward the email we send you, which includes the access code and link to the EPIC system for the respondent to complete their questionnaire.

  2. Your respondent will click on the link in the email, and be presented with the questionnaire in their web browser.

  3. Completion of an individual questionnaire typically requires 10-15 minutes. If a time-out occurs while a respondent is completing it, their answers are saved and they can return later to complete.

  4. The questionnaire is simple, and very easy to understand. When the respondent has completed the questionnaire, they should notify you.



  1. It is important that you manage the process with your respondents as there is no automatic notification when an online profile has been completed.

  2. To retrieve a completed online profile for your respondent(s), simply click on the access code in the original email where we sent it to you. This access code retrieves the completed report for about 30 days after completion.

  3. Purchaser & Respondent have access to reports and can save, view, print, etc., online.



  1. Group/Facilitator/Comparison Reports for multiple respondents must be ordered at the same time as the individual reports.

  2. Group/Facilitator/Comparison Reports require the completed profiles of the respondents to be included in the group report. All of your respondents must complete their individual profiles.

  3. When all individual profiles are complete, contact us by phone or email and let us know. We'll then email you an access code to retrieve your group report(s).