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Job Seeker DiSC Profile

By Just Using A DiSC Profile for Job Hunters
Develop That "Killer" Resume That Gets More Interviews and Helps You Prepare for Them More Effectively!

DiSC Profiles for Job HuntersUsing DiSC Personality Tests to develop your unique "killer" resume will set it apart from the "big stack" of similarly qualified resumes.  Not only does it make you stand out, it also helps a recruiter understand how you will fit into a team, and naturally begin to come up with questions they want to ask you.  This is exactly what you want! A recruiter with questions and curiosities...schedules interviews!  All this from DiSC Profiles for Job Seekers.

Interview MeetingMost companies perform both skillset based interviews and behavioral interviews - determining how well you fit the team.  They're likely to ask tough questions about you to see how well you know yourself - questions you might not have thought much about. 

Your DiSC Profile will help you prepare for those behavioral interview questions by providing a detailed summary of your behavioral style.

Ace Your Interviews and Seal the Deal Using DiSC Profiles for Job Hunters!

Job Seeker DiSC ProfileBecause you'll be more self-aware, you'll more easily ace the behavioral portion of your interviews.  You'll know how to maximize on your strengths from the results of DiSC Profiles for Job Hunters.

You may even find that your behavioral interviews are much shorter because the hiring manager already has had his behavioral questions answered by your resume and interview.

Many times after the initial interview, your resume is passed around to other people involved in the hiring process for their review.  Your resume still needs to stand out! 

Developed with the help of your DiSC Profile, your resume will remain on the top of the stack!


What Is A DiSC Profile?
Watch This Video and Get All The Facts!

Why a DiSC Profile Works!

DiSC Profile for Job HunterA Job Seeker DiSC Profile will help you understand yourself and how your behavior affects others making your resume more effective! 

The DiSC Profile was developed by leading psychologists, has been used by more than 44 million people, and is used by more than 70% of Fortune 500 companies to develop solid, effective teams.

It's the gold standard by which all other profiles are compared to.  There is no substitute for the "Original" DiSC Profile.


Why do I Need it?

DiSC Profiles for Job SeekersEmployers are concerned with your skillset and experience.  They're also just as concerned with how well you'll fit into their company culture and the team you would be working with.  Companies hire not just for talent but for cultural fit - they want both head and heart!

With more applicants than there are jobs, employers can be very picky.  When you apply for a job, your resume is likely to be one of hundreds the employer has received - all with similar intellectual qualifications.  Providing your DiSC Profile developed resume makes it stand out from the crowd, and highlights your behavioral style.


What Do I Get When I Order My DiSC Profile for Job Seekers?

When you order your DiSC Profile for job hunters, you will be sent an email with an access code and a link to our online questionnaire system.  You will complete a multiple choice questionnaire, which requires about 15 minutes.  It is then automatically scored, and after a few seconds you'll be presented with your completed DiSC Profile Report.  It is an Adobe PDF document which is easily viewed, printed, emailed or saved to your computer.  That's all there is to using a DiSC Profile for job hunter.

Download a Sample DiSC Profile

You can download a sample DiSC Profile below in Adobe PDF format.  NOTE: It's based on an anonymous questionnaire, so yours will be different based on your own answers.

For General Job Seekers:

Use the Everything  DiSC Workplace Profile to hire general candidates.

Order the: Everything DiSC Workplace Profile.         

Download SAMPLE DiSC Workplace Profile

The results focus on these vital areas:

  • Their DiSC Style as it applies to Priorities, Motivators, and Stressors.
  • How they Take Action, Generate Enthusiasm, and Get Results!
  • How they Connect and Relate to Others.
  • How they Problem Solve.
  • How they Resolve and Diffuse Tension.

For Management Job Seekers:

Use the Everything  DiSC Management Profile to hire managers.

Order the: Everything DiSC Management Profile.         

Download SAMPLE DiSC Management Profile 

The results focus on these vital areas:

  • How their DiSC Style affects their management styles.
  • Examining their unique priorities as managers.
  • Their Management Preferences and Priorities.
  • Their strengths and challenges when Directing and Delegating.
  • Their motivations, how they motivate others, and the environment they create.
  • Their natural style of developing others.
  • How they Influence, Communicate, and how their manager tends to see them.

For Sales Job Seekers:

Use The Everything DiSC  Sales Profile to hire salespeople.

Order the: Everything DiSC Sales Profile.         

Download SAMPLE DiSC Sales Profile 

The results focus in these vital areas:

  • Their DiSC Sales Style and how their personal priorities influence their selling behavior.
  • Their sales strengths of Sincerity, Relationships, and Dependability.
  • Their sales challenges of Results, Competency, and Action.
  • How they can recognize and understand their customer’s buying styles.
  • Shows how they can adapt their natural selling style to sell into their customer’s buying style.