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The DiSC Assessment

The DiSC Assessment is a research-based, assessment driven solution that develops interpersonal skills.  These skills can be learned from DiSC alone or enhanced with classroom learning by using one of the many multiple-topic workplace training kits available above.

The Everything DiSC Family of DiSC Assessments uses the power of the third generation of the DiSC Model.  This model is the most widely used, research based approach to understanding personality and developing critical soft skills that are very much valued in both personal and business environments.  The DiSC Assessment provides in-depth, highly accurate results about the individual's true DiSC Style.

Every individual who completes a DiSC Assessment from the Everything DiSC Family, receives a report that has their results plotted on a circle called a circumplex.  This is called a DiSC Map.  It does not show each DiSC result separately as in older versions, instead it forms the results on eight distinct scales that are designated around the circle.  The map portion of the DiSC Assessment is easier to understand and interpret the individual results.

Workplace Training

As part of developing a training program, DiSC Workplace Training Kits clarify complex concepts that are part of human behavior and interpersonal relationships that are central to these type of training solutions.  By using the common language of DiSC Assessments, trainers discover a new method to help trainees see themselves in a new light and improve all their interactions and relationships.  

DiSC Assessments are a cost effective and usable resource that everyone can easily mold into a variety of customized training programs.  Our training kits, used to develop workplace training, provide the necessary tools you need to reinforce the results of all the DiSC Personality Tests we provide above.