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The DiSC Model Concept Explained

The DiSC Model classifies four styles of behavior by testing a person’s preferences in 28 word or phrase associations. DiSC is an acronym for the four styles:

  • Dominance: Direct and Decisive. D's are strong-willed, strong-minded people who like accepting challenges, taking action, and getting immediate results.
  • influence: Optimistic and Outgoing. I's are "people people" who like participating on teams, sharing ideas, and energizing and entertaining others.
  • Steadiness: Sympathetic and Cooperative. S's are helpful people who like working behind the scenes, performing in consistent and predictable ways, and being good listeners.
  • Conscientiousness: Concerned and Correct. C's are sticklers for quality and like planning ahead, employing systematic approaches, and checking and re-checking for accuracy.


The Everything DiSC Model

    The Everything DiSC Circular Model


    The Result of Using a DiSC Profile - DiSC Model Explained

    The result of a DiSC Profile is a "score" in each of the four styles, and a "layman's terms" report that describes how the subject tends to behave in various types of situations.  That is the easiest way to explain the DiSC Model

    Using the DiSC Profile, one can understand how a person is likely to behave in specific environments and what strengths or weaknesses a person is likely to exhibit.

    A DiSC Profile is not a "test" – and there are no "good profiles" or "bad profiles."  DiSC is a learning instrument that helps people understand their behavioral tendencies and helps teams communicate more effectively and work together more cohesively.

    See Sample of DiSC Profiles or learn more about the D, i, S and C scoring model.

    The DiSC Model is based on the work of prominent psychologist William Moulton Marston in 1928, and then further developed by John Geier.  It is used by thousands of organizations around the world and is generally considered to be the most effective behavioral assessment available.