Behavior Test versus Personality Assessment

Know the Difference Between
A Behavior Test and Personality Assessment

Behavior Test

A behavior assessment measures specific personality traits in a more comprehensive way, and then determines how a given personality will react or behave in certain situations,  circumstances or scenarios.  Behavior tests focus on how one behaves.

A person generally described as "calm, warm and friendly" might become "tense and explosive" in a stressful situation.  Another person appearing to have the same personality traits may thrive and do amazing things in the same situation.  It all depends on the specific circumstances that the behavior assessment is asking about.

Personality Assessment

Personality assessments are designed to understand the character traits of an individual.  However, any given personality type is likely to behave differently in a favorable environment than in a stressful environment.  Simply profiling one's personality does not reveal behavioral tendencies.

Personality is a stable, consistent pattern of thoughts, behaviors and emotions.  Behavior is an expression of personality.

What They Both Measure

A behavior test measures what we can see.  That behavior test also measures both behavioral tendencies and priorities—it measures aspects of personality, the observable traits of our behavior such as the words we express, the tone of the voice we use and the body language we show.

DiSC does not measure all aspects of our personality and behavior that also impact how we express ourselves.  DiSC does not measure attitudes, values, needs, core personality, upbringing, experiences, demographics or culture.  DiSC does not measure skills or ability and is not predictive of success in a particular role.

The Differences - Behavior versus Personality

Simply understanding one's personality traits has limited value in the workplace, team environment, or relationship.  Behavior assessments provide much more value in improving the effectiveness of human interaction in any environment.  That's the main difference between a pure behavior assessment and a personality assessment.