Using Comparison Reports

How To Use Everything DiSC Comparison Reports


What Are Comparison Reports? - Using Comparison Reports

Using Comparison Reports allows for a detailed comparison of two Everything DiSC Profiles (Workplace, Management, Leadership, or Sales), providing comprehensive insights on similarities, differences, and strategies for more effective personal engagements.

There are multiple reports available, and when appropriate we'll recommend one.  You will see the Everything DiSC Comparison Report discussed often on our site because it is the most versatile report of its kind.

Comparison Report Uses

Comparison Reports help you to understand another person so you can move from a frustrating relationship to a more effective, productive working relationship.

DiSC Is often used when there is a need to address two-party issues without judgment.  DiSC DOES NOT value one person's behavior style or elevate one style over another.

Some examples of Comparison Report Uses are:

  • Resolving Conflict
  • Improving a working/personal relationship
  • Revealing and relieving relationship stressors
  • Counseling situations
  • Relationship counseling
  • Life coaching
  • Job coaching

Using Comparison Reports will help two individuals compare their:

  • Needs
  • Goals
  • Fears
  • Emotions
  • Situation Behaviors

Generated From Individual Reports

Just like Group Reports, Comparison Report use requires each participant being compared to have completed an individual Everything DiSC Profile.

One-On-One Focus When Using Comparison Reports

Build better relationships and make training stick with the Everything DiSC Comparison Report.  These 11-page research-validated follow-up reports can be created for any two participants to illustrate their similarities, differences, and how they can improve key areas of their working relationship.

Comparison Reports work for all Everything DiSC Profiles including the Everything DiSC Workplace Profile, Everything DiSC Management Profile, Everything DiSC Sales Profile, Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile, and Everything DiSC 363 Profile, allowing you to use Comparison Reports at all levels of your organization.

How To Order When Using Comparison Reports

There are two ways to order Everything DiSC Comparison Reports:

  1. On our website, you must order the individual reports on the same order.*
  2. With an EPIC Account.

*If you do not have an EPIC Account and would like to order them directly on our website, you MUST order them at the SAME TIME as you order the individual reports that you wish to compare!  

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Unlimited FREE Everything DiSC Comparison Reports

Participants get unlimited access to Everything DiSC Comparison Reportsat NO CHARGE!

Only within your EPIC Account.

See Samples of Comparison Reports:  Sample DiSC Reports