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DiSC Profiles in New York

City Of New YorkWelcome to the Big Apple! New York City is the most populous urban area in the United States, and is often called “the city that never sleeps.”  And with the world’s most competitive job market, it’s also a place that offers tantalizing career possibilities – if you’re up to the task.  A DiSC Profile in New York from Intesi! Resources is a smart choice for employers and job seekers.

New York City is one of the few places on earth that sells itself.  The lure of New York City isn’t hard to grasp.  After all, the city boasts an impressive assortment of iconic architecture, world-famous companies and all-American appeal.  A person’s particular behaviors significantly impact their potential.  And in New York City, the potential is unlike any other city.  A DiSC® Profile contains invaluable information on one’s leadership capabilities, conflict resolution, team management skills and much more.


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Map of New York VicinityNew York Economy

Wall Street, NYC’s financial center, holds the largest office space of any city in the world – over a half-billion square feet!  Within this environment, some of the world’s biggest and best companies are headquartered.  By utilizing a DiSC Personality Test in New York, both employers and employees will enjoy a competitive edge over everyone else.

From a job hunter perspective, a DiSC Profile in New York enhances leadership qualities, communication and other key skills.  Plus, this assessment from Intesi! Resources helps potential employees create eye-catching resumes.  Conversely, New York employers use DiSC Profile information for all aspects of hiring – recruiting, interviewing, promoting and more.  It is also useful for those companies that need to update and improve the processes of recruiting, hiring and promoting.

Plus, organizations and companies can use an EPIC Account for hassle-free, up-to-date administration for their particular DiSC Profile Tests.  With EPIC Accounts, any employer can track assessment progress, personalize email instructions, create reports, deliver assessment tests and much more. Many New York companies (both private and public) can benefit from an Intesi! Resources EPIC Account.

Entertainment and Education

New York’s lively theater district is the planet’s most popular showcase.  Broadway (and even off-Broadway) shows display some of the finest acting talent you’ll find anywhere.  Since acting is by nature a highly collaborative and emotion-based profession, actors and actresses can benefit tremendously from a DiSC Profile in New York City.

And don’t forget New York City’s thriving academic establishments.  NYC is the location of Columbia University, New York University, Fordham University and many more.  With so many institutions of higher learning, a DiSC Profile in New York allows students, instructors and others to effectively communicate with colleagues, manage conflict, exhibit leadership initiatives and much more.  New Your is also the home of many of the nations largest companies including Verizon Communications, JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup.

Get a DiSC Personality Test in New York

A DiSC Personality Test for the New York area helps people grasp their behavioral profile, specifically as it relates to a dynamic, interactive setting such as the Big Apple.  What makes DiSC Profile information in New York so useful? It measures the four main components of a complete behavioral picture. Those elements are Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.

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As an Everything DiSC Wiley Authorized Partner, Intesi! Resources is a trusted provider of DiSC Profiles in many major cities, including New York.  Our effective, proven assessments have been used by non-profits, coaching and counseling organizations, sales departments, educational facilities and more.  Our time-proven techniques are available in a time-friendly, online format for the ultimate in convenience.

Interested in obtaining a New York DiSC Profile?  Just give us a call at 866-3INTESI (866-346-8374).  Or, send us a secure email message on our contact page.  Our DiSC Profile assessments are useful in New York City and beyond.