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City of MiamiMiami is a recognized Alpha-World city, due in large part to its bustling downtown commerce.  Inner Miami boasts the largest group of international banks in the United States, and this translates into a competitive job market.  A DiSC Profile Test is a wise choice for Miami job hunters and also employees looking for a promotion.

Intesi! Resources, an Everything DiSC Wiley Authorized Partner, proudly offers DiSC® Profile tests for Miami residents. A s a popular provider of superior behavioral assessment evaluations, we assist job seekers, employers and others improve crucial communication skills, effectively recruit new employees and gain a greater understanding of their unique behavioral characteristics.


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Map of Miami VicinityMiami Businesses and Universities

The city offers a wealth of opportunity for both individuals involved in job hunting and employers that want to improve their recruiting, hiring and promotion processes.  Miami ranks high in many major economic sectors, including media, finance, commerce, culture, international trade and fashion.   A DiSC Personality Test is an unparalleled self-evaluation tool for individuals and groups in the Miami region.

Miami is the home of many renowned colleges and universities, including the University of Miami, Florida International University and Miami Dade College.  The city’s strong academic tradition is enhanced with a diverse group of American and international students.  Miami students (undergraduate and post-graduate) and instructors will find many benefits from DiSC Profile Information.  The lessons learned from just a single DiSC Profile provide useful information that lasts a lifetime.

Just a few of the major companies based in Miami include major players in practically every segment of the economy.  The city’s well-known corporate culture includes reputable, world-famous firms like Alienware, Burger King, Norwegian Cruise Lines (Miami is often called the “Cruise Capital of the World”) and Telemundo.  A DiSC Personality Test for the Miami area presents economic opportunities for these companies and many more.  The city also boasts productive media companies and strong real estate market.

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Both versatile and practical, a DiSC Profile Test offers Miami companies, non-profits and other organizations crucial behavioral data to recruit, hire and promote existing and potential employees.  Combined with an EPIC Account, organizations have additional tools to further customize their assessment needs.

On the opposite end of the job spectrum, DiSC Profile Information supplies Miami job seekers invaluable resume and interviewing tips.  Often times, the only difference between a job offer and a rejection letter is a small variation in character or behavior.  With DiSC Profiles in Miami, anyone can give themselves the best possible chance for professional advancement.

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Intesi! Resources is a recognized expert in DiSC Profiles.  We’ve been in business for over a decade, and constant research has ensured continued excellence.  Trusted by firms and academic institutions, our DiSC Profile assessments offer exceptional lifelong value.

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DiSC Profiles in greater Miami can enhance a host of attitude markers from both individual and group perspectives.  Contact us today and give yourself a unique perspective – in Miami, Southern Florida and beyond.

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