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City Of Los AngelesA cultural, economic and entertainment mecca, Los Angeles is the second-most populous city in the United States.  With robust academic institutions, a diverse cultural heritage and a bustling commercial zone, Los Angeles presents a near-endless choice of things to do.  The city has remained a popular destination for anyone seeking a better opportunity.  As such, a DiSC Profile from Intesi! Resources offers many advantages – for employers, job seekers and even employees desiring to improve their overall character, productivity and personality profile.

For decades, Los Angeles has been a cultural bellwether for the United States.  This primary center of “the next big thing” is, naturally, a gathering place for leaders in many fields – politics, business, entertainment and many more.  A DiSC Profile, provided by Everything DiSC Wiley Authorized Partner Intesi! Resources, gives any person in LA a unique perspective – and a better grasp of their own unique behavior and attributes.


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Map of Los Angeles VicinityThe Los Angeles Companies and Universities

The Los Angeles economy is bolstered by an impressive list of companies.  Firms like Fox Entertainment Group, Occidental Petroleum, Tutor Perini, Northrop Grumman, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Sunkist are located in LA.  Plus, the city proudly hosts the University of Southern California, Pepperdine University and other prestigious learning centers.  In commerce and curriculum, a DiSC® Profile is a smart option for Los Angeles workers, students and others.

DiSC Profile Possibilities

A DiSC Profile can unlock possibilities that Los Angeles job hunters never knew even existed.  With time-tested resume tactics, employment seekers using a DiSC Personality Test in Los Angeles will discover effective techniques for both building resumes and interviewing.  Even the slightest advantage could be the deciding factor in landing a job in Los Angeles.  The LA job market includes iconic commercial, entertainment and financial firms.   As the nation’s second-largest city, it’s hard enough for an individual to get noticed. Distinguish yourself from the pack with a DiSC Personality Test in Los Angeles.

What Can The DiSC Profile Deliver?

Likewise, companies can enhance their employee selection and recruiting process.  A DiSC Profile for prospective employees in Los Angeles helps both public and private firms efficiently recruit, interview, hire and promote employees.  By reducing turnover and increasing retention rates, DiSC Profile information is an invaluable tool for the city’s economy.

Additionally, companies and other organizations can utilize an EPIC Account to further simplify the entire assessment and testing process.   An EPIC Account includes tools such as reports, custom email options, assessment profiles and time-sensitive results release schedules.   It will also streamline your Recruiting – Hiring – Promotion processes.

Our DiSC Profile Tests can be used for a wide range of Los Angeles economic and academic settings.  Intesi! Resources is a popular source of DiSC Profiles in Los Angeles and other major cities.  Our assessments can enhance personality assessments, candidate profiling and improve workplace communication & productivity.  DiSC Profiles in Los Angeles are available for individual employees, specific business sectors (sales, management, etc., and also for company-wide improvement initiatives.

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Comprehensive and convenient,  DiSC Profiles are available for Los Angeles residents, students, employees and more.  Online testing means that results are available immediately.  Discover how your behavioral patterns impact everything from on-the-job performance to daily communication skills.

As you can see, a DiSC Profile makes sense for a vast range of roles and job descriptions in Los Angeles.  If you’re interested in understanding more about your (or your company’s) behavioral attributes, please call us at 866-3INTESI (866-346-8374).  Intesi! Resources also has a secure email portal on our contact page.

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