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City of HoustonEverything’s bigger in Texas, and that includes Houston.  The fourth-largest city in America is a great place for companies and job seekers, thanks to a thriving local economy.  Plus, Houston’s vibrant cultural scene makes the city a preferred location for individuals, married couples and families.  For these reasons and many more, a DiSC Profile assessment from Intesi! Resources is a great way for Houston residents to optimize opportunity in the city and throughout Southern Texas.

Since its founding in 1832, Houston has been a major economic hub.  The city has a deepwater port which handles the highest international tonnage of any US city.  Houston also hosts significant companies in the entertainment and communication industries.  With a complex and dynamic marketplace, it’s easy to see how DiSC Profiles in Houston are highly sought-after “tools of the trade.”


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Map of Houston VicinityHouston Business Environment

Most people don’t know it, but Houston is home to more Fortune 500 companies than any other American city except New York.  Houston has a strong tradition of economic might, with major firms in the aeronautics, transportation, energy and manufacturing sectors.  DiSC® Profile Information can help in these Houston industries and many more, from job hunter and job seeker standpoints.  Intesi! Resources also has DiSC Profiles for general workplaces, management positions and sales organizations.

With so many possibilities in play, Houston job seekers can always use an edge in the job market.  A DiSC Personality Test in Houston, helpful for those seeking employment as job hunters, provides resume and interviewing information that can help secure long-term prospects.

Both easy to use and powerful to implement, a DiSC Profile Test offers Houston companies crucial behavioral feedback to aid in recruiting, hiring and promoting existing and potential employees.  Combined with an EPIC Account, companies will have access to additional tools to further customize their assessment needs.

Houston Companies and Universities

Some of the major Houston-based firms include Phillips 66, Halliburton, ConocoPhillips, Marathon Oil and Cameron International.  A DiSC Profile is useful for Houston’s powerhouse economy, and also is an advantageous assessment for the city’s institutions of higher learning.  Houston’s major colleges and universities include the University of Houston, Rice University, San Jacinto College and Texas Southern University.  Everybody from undergrads to post-graduate students in Houston can benefit from a DiSC Profile, professors and instructors included.

Plus, Houston hosts more than 7 million annual visitors to its famous Museum District.  This is just one cultural focal point in the largest city in Texas.  Because culture is innately tied to behavior, the advantages of DiSC Profiles in Houston are apparent to city residents and visitors.

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As a dynamic behavioral profile assessment, a DiSC Personality Test for the greater Houston region assists residents, visitors, students and many others.  Remember, a DiSC Profile factors in the four principal modes of a person’s behavior: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.

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For over 10 years, Intesi! Resources has remained a popular supplier of DiSC Profiles in different regions across the United States, and that includes Houston.  Intesi! is an Everything DiSC Wiley Authorized Partner.  It doesn’t matter if you’re hiring for a non-profit organization, looking to land that dream private sector career, or simply someone looking to understand their unique behavioral attributes.  Our DiSC Profile Test is the best choice available in the Houston region and elsewhere. And you’ll love the convenient online options, too!

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