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The DiSC personality test is one of the better and more accurate personality tests available both online and in hardcopy. The DiSC theory of personality was actually invented by the psychologist William Moulton Marston, who claimed that everyone’s personalities could be reduced down to four overarching personality types. These four make up the DiSC Personality Profile, and are (D) Dominance, (I) Influence, (S) Steadiness, and (C) Conscientiousness.

The DiSC personality test can be used for the workplace, as well as for personal use, by explaining how your own personality relates to others, and how to handle things like resolving conflicts with friends, family, and your co-workers.

Everything DiSC Test and What it Will Cover
The Everything DiSC Test is a comprehensive report that guides users through the results of the DiSC personality test, each of the DiSC personality profiles, and even behavioral research. This treasure trove of information and research can be used for practically anything that involves human interaction, including giving you insight into your very own personality traits, and even into the dynamics of your workplace. The Everything DiSC Manual gives you a breadth of knowledge pertaining to studies that have verified the validity of the DiSC personality profiles, how they apply to elements such as gender, education level and ethnicity, how DiSC intersects with the most current psychological theories, as well as special case studies and their results using the DiSC model.

Everything DiSC Workplace Training Kit

Personality and relationships are everything, and are critical to success while working in a team. The Everything DiSC Workplace training kit from Intesi! Resources includes a wide variety of tools and guides for you to better understand your workplace dynamic. Using the Everything DiSC Workplace Training Kit can help you and your team communicate better, become more efficient, and even help you change your own workplace to fit the creative needs of everyone in your office. With four different modules included in the training kit which can cover up to 25 participants, don’t hesitate on learning more about your office’s dynamic and how to make it the greatest it can be.

My Everything DiSC Test and How it can Help you Today
Taking a DiSC personality test can benefit you in more ways than you thought possible. No matter what age, gender, or education level you have, learning more about yourself will not only open doors personally, but professionally. For instance, taking this comprehensive test will help you with your personal relationships, by giving you tips on how to manage stressful situations and conflicts with your friends, family, and loved ones. It even goes further than relationships with other people, by examining the relationship you have with yourself. You’ll become increasingly more self-aware of your actions and responses, and will help you to create a better life and more favorable situations.


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