Why Leaders Should Emphasize Teamwork In Any Organization

Team Circle MapTeamwork is one of those buzzwords that fly about whenever you hear anything about organizational processes. In fact, you would be hard pushed to find a resume that doesn’t include the fact that the applicant is “an excellent team player” somewhere in there. Similarly, any time there is a vacancy, the requirement for team work will be firmly noted on there as well. Unfortunately, it has become so much of a buzzword that people have stopped thinking about what it actually means. Sure, it is about working together, but what does that entail exactly? And why is it so important within an organization to have teamwork? Isn’t it a case that everybody has their own job?

Individual Control

For a long time, businesses operated on a process of “individual control.” This means that one person covered the reception desk, one person did the photocopying, one person did the finances and so on. This works to a degree, particularly in a very small organization, because it makes it clear who does what. However, it stops individual employees from feeling like they are part of the whole. Besides this, if anybody is ever off sick or takes a vacation, all of the operations stop. Transitioning into an environment of team work can be a difficult process, but it is one that must be achieved.

“With the growth of a business comes the reality that individual control over everything from finances to projects must give way to team-based efforts. Moving from individual control to team-based work often proves a rocky transition for businesses, despite the widespread acknowledgement of the importance of teamwork.”  The Importance of Teamwork by Eric Dontigney, Demand Media

Why Leaders Focus on Teamwork

There are hundreds of benefits offered teamwork for leaders and the organization, ranging from benefits to individuals to the organization as a whole. It is a way to reduce stress, to improve communication between the various players, to make the entire organization more efficient and to improve problem solving across the board. Without teamwork, an organization will soon start to lag behind the competition and leaders and managers surely do not want that to happen.

 “Work never suffers or takes a backseat in a team.”

Creating a Team Is Leadership

Teamwork DefinitionAs Henry Ford once said “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” However, all of that is much easier said than done. Whether you have a workplace that has always had individual control and want to change, or whether you are committed to teamwork but it just doesn’t seem to happen, the intention is generally there, but putting it in place doesn’t seem to work. One of the reasons for this is that teams aren’t stagnant. People move jobs, new projects come in, staff members are added and removed and so on. Hence, if leaders try to build a team based on the individual members or the individual projects, they will always fail. For all the best intentions, this is not how you build a team.  Importance of Team and Teamwork – Management Study Guide

“In a team-oriented environment, you contribute to the overall success of the organization. You work with fellow members of the organization to produce these results. Even though you have a specific job function and you belong to a specific department, you are unified with other organization members to accomplish the overall objectives. The bigger picture drives your actions; your function exists to serve the bigger picture.”    12 Tips for Team Building: How to Build Successful Work Teams by Susan M. Heathfield, About.com

This means that the first step to a leader’s success is to determine just what the bigger picture actually is. This means having well-defined strategic goals, written in a way that individuals can sign up to them. It means having the opportunity in place for people to ask questions about these goals, and it means there has to be clarity about individual roles, team roles and the role of the organization itself. With so much clarity being needed, it is no surprise that things often go wrong.

It is said that leaders need to keep in mind the so called “12 Cs” of team work. These are clear expectations, context, commitment, competence, charter, control, collaboration, communication, creative innovation, consequences, coordination and cultural change. If you make these your main focus on a strategic level, and ensure that these values are accepted from the bottom up and the top down, you will be able to instill a real culture of teamwork within your organization.

Good Leaderships Instills Trust In the Team

A key element to having good teamwork is trust. Employees need to trust each other. They need to trust their leaders and managers and they have to trust the organization and its goals as a whole. If trust is lacking within your company, this should be your very first issue to address. Without it, everything else will fail.

“If individuals involved in the team do not trust each other, they will be less likely to help each other and therefore the whole unit will suffer. Trust is vital.”  The Importance of Business Teamwork – Six Sigma Online

Besides trust, leaders have to consider cooperation, vision, clear goals and team building activities. Never underestimate the power of ice breakers, fun and some laughter. Team building activities will bring real strengths to your team. However, remember that teams are fluid, meaning that people will leave and move regularly. As a consequence, you have to make sure that you either have regular events like it, so that new people can be included or that you have a designated spokesperson that will introduce a new staff member to the team by using the lessons learned from the team building exercises in the past.

However, most workforce professionals would say that a team building day is needed at least once a quarter. Not only does it help to rebuild or maintain levels of trust, it also allows teams to regain sight of the overall vision and the role they play in achieving this. Make it fun, take an entire day out for it and make sure your team members get lunch and refreshments, as this makes them feel like the valued staff members that they are. Remember that team members are people and there always certain things that people respond well to, including praise and various incentives.


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10 thoughts on “Why Leaders Should Emphasize Teamwork In Any Organization

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  2. David

    To chime in with the other readers, I will offer yet another sports analogy: teamwork was epitomized on Monday night as the defending champion Miami Heat got contributions from many of their players (not just Lebron James) which propelled them to victory over the Indiana Pacers and their third consecutive trip to the NBA finals. Up until the deciding game 7, certain Heat players struggled, but they galvanized and came through when it mattered most.

  3. Albert

    Teamwork is what the defending NBA champion Miami Heat will need on Monday night if they are to defend their championship and move on the NBA Finals. There have been some great games and great examples of teamwork over the years. I think I will go on youtube and look up some of the great conference finals games from the past. That should be inspirational to anyone in the work place.

  4. Perry

    The video presentation made a good point and then Michael expanded upon it by making a good point himself. Part of teamwork is being accountable toward your team members. One way to do this is to know, or at least be familiar with the role / duties of other team members. That way, when a man goes down, another can step into that role so as to keep the unit functioning efficiently.

  5. Michael

    The biggest thing about not having team work at a job is like you said, what if some one is out sick or takes a vacation? You can’t have the entire company come to a stand still because of one persons absence can you? Cross training is where this comes in and that in a sense is teamwork. Thank you for a job well done on this and please thank your team.

  6. Peggy

    People in every workplace talk about building the team, working as a team, and my team, but few understand how to create the experience of team work or how to develop an effective team. Belonging to a team is a result of feeling part of something larger than yourself. It has a lot to do with your understanding of the mission or objectives of your organization. I played sports and when you have a sports background, you learn these lessons immediately.

  7. Carlos

    I like how the video demonstrated and emphasized how true teamwork can turn a group of regular achievers into a team that can achieve greatness. One other example was the Indiana Pacers and how their rag tag group of young players and journeymen were able to eek out a victory over the supremely talented NBA champion Miami Heat. I just thought I’d chime in response to what Kenneth wrote about the Heat. And I’m no Heat hater, believe me.

  8. Kenneth

    Sports often provide fine examples of team work (naturally), and on Sunday night of memorial weekend, I watched the Miami Heat take on the Indiana Pacers and play together to achieve a big victory for game 3 of the eastern conference finals of the NBA. It was team work epitomized. It is during big moments in big games that you often see great performances based on team work.

  9. Jamey

    I think that teamwork keeps anyone person from feeling like they are in charge and completely taking over and acting like a boss to the rest of them, which will prevent the conflict that you mentioned in your previous article. Thank you for the work you have done on these and please keep posting more and more because I am learning a lot.

  10. Melvin

    This is so true you can’t have team work with out a good team leader, you have to have what Cesar Milan would say is a good pack leader in order to have people that work with you and make a team or family. And trust not only in the leader is a requirement but trust in all the team members is a must as well you can’t have a weak link.


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