Using The DiSC® Profile to Train and Develop New Hires

What Makes Them Vital To Human Resources and Managers?

Use DiSC Profiles to Hit the Hiring TargetThe DiSC Profile remains a very valuable tool when developing training and development programs for newly hired personnel. By using these assessments prior to hiring candidates, organizations are ahead of their competition in understanding how candidates might fit into their culture and how they can cultivate them in the post-hire process of training and development.

While it seems impractical to believe that every person you hire will possess every skill necessary to be successful in their prospective position, you can plan to help these people learn and utilize new skills to help them grow in the future and succeed.

How Can They Affect The Post Candidate Selection Process?

These assessments will assist human resources and managers to develop a customized and focused curriculum of post-hire training for the new employees. By discovering their unique personalities and behavioral styles during the pre-hire process, human resources and senior management can gain a clear understanding of each person’s potential strengths and weaknesses in regard to the business culture and the position for which they are being considered. By analyzing and understanding the results of these assessments, human resources and senior managers, can more easily understand how they can organize and develop more effective groups and teams. When these assessment results are used to evaluate and understand each person’s individual personality and behavioral styles you gain an organizational advantage and your entire business benefits. These assessment results can also assist human resources and senior managers to develop a smooth and carefully thought out approach how to assimilate new hires in their organization.

The Reason Why Effective Training Is Critical?

The development of strong, cohesive teams is critical to organizational success and training is key to that achievement. If human resources and senior management can develop new employees while proactively addressing areas of development they can save significant time and effort because these new hires will get training specifically tailored to their individual needs. One of the most strategic benefits management realizes is the leverage provided by these assessment results when developing specific training programs that are based on the specific needs of those new employees.

What Occurs Following The Initial New Hire Training?

After the initial new employee training has been completed senior management can monitor their progress and make adjustments in the areas that need improvement. They also need to make sure that consistent and continuous improvement is made to secure overall success. It is important that human resources invest time, energy, and most of all money so as not to constrain productivity.

The Way They Impact Other Areas Of Employee Development

These assessments provide both a powerful learning and a vital gateway for human resources and senior management to understand the behavioral styles of all their employees. In the end, understanding behavior will lead to better overall communication. These reports will help individuals to adapt their natural styles so they can more successfully interact with others because behaviors are not easily changed without the right guidance. These reports can be used in a multitude of areas including discovering and valuing others strengths, and helping them find and develop their own strengths. Furthermore, by helping employees develop their strengths and limit their weaknesses, senior managers can help to limit unproductive internal communication and simultaneously reduce conflict.

Finally, using the DiSC Profile in an organization’s workplace will improve the overall productivity levels in all areas of the environment. If human resources and senior management will focus their time and efforts in continuously improving the training and development of all employees, that organization will achieve more success, reduce turnover, and boost overall team satisfaction.


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21 thoughts on “Using The DiSC® Profile to Train and Develop New Hires

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  10. Heather

    Traditionally, personality assessment is conducted through behavioral observations, paper-and-pencil tests, and projective techniques. To be useful, such assessments must be constructed using the established criteria of standardization, reliability, and validity. This system seems to break the mold. You could even call it revolutionary. This information can be important when used in several areas, including clinical work, vocational counseling, education, and research.

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  12. Carol

    Some corporate head hunters and managers in charge of hiring employees go by their instincts when they meet a candidate during an interview. The problem with this approach is that a person can be wrong about their initial assessment of the person. Furthermore, even if you do read the person correctly, you still don’t know how that person will react to challenges and stress.

  13. Rebecca

    This system must be important for head hunters. After all, workplaces are dictated not only by policies but also the personalities of employees. Trying to stifle personality can result in disgruntled and frustrated employees. When managers understand the role of personality in the workplace, they can use it to grow the company and move it forward.

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  15. John

    It is no wonder why large companies have a fully staffed human resources department. I would go one step further and say that the higher the salary, the harder it is to replace a person and the more money (and maybe time) it takes to train that person. Maybe that is why companies invest so much into training and evaluating potential hires.

  16. Norma

    I am just starting out in the business world and I was wondering how I was going to go about hiring the first person to work with me, then I read your blog and this sounds like the perfect tool to use. This can help me decide who to hire but it can help me train them as well, being alone in this that will be a huge help.

  17. Lois

    Well I think if you don’t have the personnel to handle the proper training when you bring in a new hire then you really have no other choice than to use this training tool. I have heard of companies using these a lot but I am not a fan. I hire people that I feel good about and I train them myself. Today’s society is relying to much on college educated idiots and their ideas.

  18. Demetrius

    I think this is a good tool to use to train people but there are so many that are using this as a tool to decide who they are going to hire rather than hiring them and training them to be what you want them to be with this tool. I hope that more business owners will see this and change their way of looking at this tool and they way they use it.

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