Use A DiSC® Personality Test To Recognize Employee Potential

The DiSC Personality Test GoalThe Goal

It has become quite widespread for companies to use a DiSC Personality Test together with the interview.  These personality assessments help companies determine who could be great leaders and who could be people that might have challenges that are difficult to overcome.

Companies use DiSC Personality Tests to measure different factors and collect insights to determine what type of behavior and personality a potential employee tends to exhibit.  It is important to take into account that different people usually behave differently when confronted with a specific situation so you want to have as many different styles as possible.

Developing Your Business For Success

When developing a successful business, you need to staff people with different personality styles instead of focusing on just a few.  Different personality types offer different ability sets and create team and leadership balance so diversity is important.  You will discover that your company will have difficulty if the people you hire are the same as you.

There are many instances where company owners or managers focus on hiring people who make great team players.  If you have a group with one or two independent thinkers, then you will see opportunities for new ideas that might be missed otherwise.  Every individual has various skills and abilities from everyone else so you want to take advantage of each person’s unique skills instead selecting similar types.

What Is In A DiSC Personality Test?

All the DiSC Personality Tests Cover Four Key Sections:

  • About YOU – Learn about your primary DiSC dimension, tendencies, needs/wants, preferred working environment, and strategies for attaining success.  Additionally, you will become more aware of your potential strengths and weaknesses and you will discover how your DiSC style forms your unique DiSC Profile result.
  • Understanding the DiSC Model – describes the DiSC Model with descriptions.
  • About OTHERS – so that you may better understand OTHERS.
  • Detailed Scoring – provides the scoring details behind your personalized DiSC Profile report results.

Learn about a DiSC Personality Test here.

Are They Useful?

Some industry professionals are not certain how helpful personality tests are even though many companies use them.  One of the reasons tends to be that people might not answer the questions as honestly as they ought to.  They may reply in the way they believe is wanted rather than giving their honest answer.  It should be emphasized, to potential employees that are asked to complete a DiSC Profile, that honest answers produce accurate results.  If a prospect tries to “game” the assessment he/she will not be a good fit and will likely be unhappy in the position if hired based on bad data.  These tests come in a variety of Online DiSC Profiles.

Whether or not you should incorporate a personality test in the selection process largely depends on your attitude toward such exams.  Some company owners like the old fashion way of using their intuition during the interview to determine potential.  You will also have particular employers who rather use the data obtained from the personality test to help make the selection.  But understand that 85% of turnover is due to Behavior or Style incompatibility – the person could do the job, but for some reason, it was not getting done.

Improving Your Interview Process

With a personality test as part of the interview process, you will be able to find a superior candidate based on the results of the test.  Whether you’re looking for a natural leader, a team player or someone with strong analytical skills, a personality test can supply you with some reliable information about the person’s tendencies or priorities.  The data that you receive from a DiSC Personality Test is not 100% reliable but there is no other way to get this type of useful data.

The test will give you the data you need to know to position that person in the right job role.  Besides potential applicants, current employees are able to take these assessments.  If you didn’t have a personality test for your employees, you may not know what type of person you actually selected until they are well into their job.


Having a personality test as part of the selection and interviewing processes, you will have a good idea what kind of potential a particular person may have.  You shouldn’t use the outcomes of the test exclusively but as part of a whole hiring process.


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