The DiSC® Personality Test and Leadership Challenges (Part 3 of 3)

Leadership to SuccessWelcome Back to Part 3 in the 3-Part Series of The DiSC Personality Test and Leadership Challenges
Effective business leadership is vital for meeting employee, customer and business goals. Leadership skills are skills that can, fortunately, be learned. A great source for learning is an Online DiSC Personality Test.

Challenge 4 – Getting the Vision Right
Being a leader is all about creating and demonstrating the right vision. Getting this right is incredibly difficult, because it requires a number of key components to be included. The vision needs to be able to energize people and motivate them, be meaningful to the lives of workers, demonstrate what is understood by excellence within the organization, manage to bridge the period between now and the future and go beyond the status quo.

“As important as it is to know what vision is, it is also important to know what vision is not. Nanus (1992) states that vision is not “a prophecy, a mission, factual, true or false, static, [or] a constraint on actions.” Fullan (1992) warns against visions that blind and states that there is a tendency for “overattachment to particular philosophies or innovations.”
Vision, Leadership, Change

Challenge 5 – Loneliness
Usually, new and emerging leaders actually come from within the organization, working their way up the corporate ladder. Up until the point where they achieve the status of leader, they usually feel like a part of the workforce. However, as soon as they get to the top, they need to adapt their communication style and they feel that they are no longer liked in the way they were before. Suddenly, they are the “boss” at the top, who has no friends at the bottom, no matter how much of an open door policy they actually have. However, facing these issues of loneliness is actually a good sign.

“The good news is that leadership issues are evidence that one is indeed leading. If you are a leader and don’t notice any change in the relationship with your organization, you might begin to wonder if you’re really leading.”
Leadership Issues

However, good as it may be, that does not mean it is comfortable. Hence, when you reach the status of a leader, you have to answer a number of questions first. For instance, how do you find out the information that reaches you has not been changed or diluted, and who can you go to talk to? You also have to think about your own motivation and what you can do if you have your own personal problems. These are but a few of the questions you have to have answers for before you even start the job, otherwise you may end up a failed leader.

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