The DiSC® Personality Test and Leadership Challenges (Part 2 of 3)

Leadership is SuccessWelcome Back to Part 2 of 3 of this 3-Part Leadership Series
We will now address Part 2 of the 3-Part Series about The DiSC Personality Test and Leadership Challenges.

A leaders DiSC Style influences how they approach each of the steps of the Vision – Alignment – Execution Process.

DiSC doesn’t imply that you can or can’t do any of the steps.  It simply tells you how much energy will be required to do the different aspects of each step.

Challenge 2 – Inability to Challenge
The role of a leader is to challenge the status quo in the organization, making sure it is as efficient as possible. This means that leaders have to challenge the foundation of the company, its vision, its promise, its model, its information, its structure, its culture, its talent, its complexity and its leadership as well.

Leaders Need to focus on these three important factors:

  • Create a Vision
  • Build Alignment around that vision
  • Champion Execution of that vision

“The truth is most leaders are skilled at challenging others, but are woefully inadequate when it comes to challenging themselves, or allowing others to challenge them. When leaders hold themselves to a higher standard of rigor, discipline, accountability, and transparency everyone wins.”
10 Things Every Leader Should Challenge

Challenge 3 – Gathering Data
One of the main roles of a leader is to gather relevant data. This can be data from other teams or external organizations, data on certain projects and so on. Leaders have to show that they are knowledgeable on various areas in order to be effective in the job. This means that leaders have to know what has already been done and what sort of conclusions can be drawn from there and applied.

You get great data from Online DiSC Personality Tests.

“Data is critical when making business decisions. Business leaders don’t just do things, they attempt to do the right things. Although it’s difficult to ever be 100 percent certain that a decision will be the right one, using data to guide decisions can help get closer and closer to that goal. Internal data (sales data, employee data) as well as external data (about competitors, about the industry, about economic changes) can provide important insights for business leaders.”
Business Leadership Issues

Stay tuned for Challenges 4 & 5 in Part 3 of this Leadership Series…


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