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Diversity In The Workplace

diversity-is-importantDiversity Is Important
Diversity is quite the topic these days. Whether it be diversity in the neighborhood, workplace, or even in the government, “diversity” is the hot word that has been thrown around time and time again.

But is diversity actually a good thing in most environments? The answer is an outstanding “yes” across the board. Here is why… Continue reading

Recruiting, Hiring, Promoting And Diversity Issues

What Is Diversity?What Is Diversity? 

It is very important to increase diversity in the workplace by improving your practices of recruiting, hiring and promoting.  Diversity is as much about diverse talent as it is about diversity and equality. It has many different forms and layers including differences in age, ethnic background, gender and race.  Diversity dimensions also include geographic location, income, parental status, marital status, and religious beliefs. All HR professionals have to make sure they know what barriers are in place to improve diversity and how they can respond to the challenge.  It isn’t difficult or hard to create a more diverse workplace, so long as the right HR practices are in place.

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