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Productive Conflict

DiSC Training To Understand Human Behavior

human behaviorOverview of Human Behavior as it relates to DiSC.

From the moment that history started to be recorded until now, we have endeavored to understand why human beings behave the way they do.  We want to be able to understand and describe what people do, as well as how and why they do it.  There are numerous societies around the world that have looked into quantifying and describing these specific observations, such as the Hindus, the Greeks, the Romans, Native Americans and Africans.

Ancient civilizations created models to described behavior that are still being used today.  In fact, some of these models are being relied on, such as the “Humours” description of Hippocrates or the body fluids analogy of Galen.  Other methods, such as astrology and numerology, are perhaps not as popular anymore today, but they are still being followed by some.

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Everything DiSC Workplace® Training Materials

Workers on devicesOverview
Between the ages of 25 and 54, the average American spends 8 hours a day working or on work-related activities, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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The Importance Of Developing Soft Skills With DiSC® Training

DiSC Profile and Soft SkillsThe Role of Soft Skills 

Soft skills are extremely important in creating success within the workplace.  Often, the emphasis is very strongly on what are known as “hard skills,” which are training, expertise and knowledge.  They are easy for employers to recognize and quantify within their organizations.

Soft skills, also known as interpersonal skills, include the abilities we use every single day to connect and interact with each other, both individually and also in groups.  Individuals that have worked tirelessly on acquiring strong people skills are certainly more effective throughout their personal and professional lives.  Soft skills must be given equal importance to hard skills, and companies should work very hard at making sure that these types of skills are developed by their employees.

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Using The DiSC® Profile to Train and Develop New Hires

What Makes Them Vital To Human Resources and Managers?

Use DiSC Profiles to Hit the Hiring TargetThe DiSC Profile remains a very valuable tool when developing training and development programs for newly hired personnel. By using these assessments prior to hiring candidates, organizations are ahead of their competition in understanding how candidates might fit into their culture and how they can cultivate them in the post-hire process of training and development.

While it seems impractical to believe that every person you hire will possess every skill necessary to be successful in their prospective position, you can plan to help these people learn and utilize new skills to help them grow in the future and succeed.

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Do I Need DiSC® Certification Training to Use DiSC Profiles?

This is a question we are often asked.  The simple answer is: No, you do not need the have DiSC Certification Training!

We always tell people asking this question that the profile respondents are considered the experts on themselves and the instruments are self-scored and self-interpreted.  There are no other educational requirements.

Our Everything DiSC Facilitation and Training Kits are available to those who wish to expand their self-taught knowledge on the use of the instrument as a trainer, counselor, or consultant. They come ready to use jammed with training materials

They are self-training kits and have everything you need to take your DiSC Training to a broader audience.

Everything DiSC Trainer Certification

For those that are ready to take their DiSC Knowledge to the next level we have DiSC Certification.

We have a two (2) Two-Day Everything DiSC Trainer Certification Training classes are taught in Minneapolis, MN by Inscape Publishing, the publisher of DiSC:

Full descriptions of the certification classes are provided by clicking on the links above.