Key Features Of An Excellent Resume

Use the DiSC Profile to Improve a ResumeImprove Your Job Search With A Great Resume

Your resume is like a master key to an important door – the door to a fulfilling career.  Only when you improve your resume will your job search become truly fruitful and do you stand a better chance of ending up with a career suitable for your level of education and experience.

You need to craft your resume in a skillful way because you will struggle to get to interview without one, let alone to a job.  But what are the key features of a good resume?

The Right Overall Look 

With more applicants than there are jobs, employers can be very selective.  When you apply for a job, your resume is likely to be one of hundreds the employer has received—all with similar skillsets and intellectual qualifications.  You have to make sure that your resume stands out before someone even reads it.  In most cases, your resume will be folded up, which means the top half of the first page is the most important of all.  Looks may only be cosmetic, but it is your opportunity to make a good first impression or you may never get a second chance.

“Resumes that are visually appealing reflect the applicant’s diligence in creating a document with the reader in mind.”  Characteristics of a Good Resume

At first glance, your resume should look clearly sectioned off with straight margins.  It must immediately look organized, which will reflect on your own organizational skills.  A cluttered resume is far more likely to end up on the rejected pile because it makes you look like a messy person.

Begin With An Objective and Profile

The top of your resume should not be your name and address details.  Rather, you should center a statement about the job position you are applying for, followed by a number of keywords that are applicable to the job and to you as a person.

“The first thing a reader of your resume will see is your objective — the position you’re targeting — as well as a series of quick, strong key words that immediately communicate who you are, what your core strengths entail, or what you’ve achieved.”  5 Characteristics of a Professionally Written Resume

It is very important to get this right.  There should be no unnecessary text here but only the job title and a few keywords.  It is generally best to have this centered on the page and in bold print.  The job position should be in capitals.  Again, these elements are cosmetics, but cosmetics really matter when it comes to your resume.  By making this part stand out, you draw in the attention of the HR professional or the recruiter and they will immediately be able to see whether there is any point for them to continue reading your resume.

It is important to make your resume standout from the crowd.  An effective way to do this is to show more of who you are, your strengths and weaknesses, motivations, etc.  Using the results of a DiSC Profile will give you powerful language that can add depth and create interest.  DiSC Profiles for Job Hunters outlines three assessments that will give you information that will set your resume apart from the competition.

A Summary 

It is normal to start your resume with information about yourself.  Things such as your name, address, phone number, email, and other such details are often placed at the top of the page.  There are two main reasons as to why this is beneficial.  They now have a name by which to identify you, which means your anonymity is now removed.  In addition, once you go for an interview, these details may be blacked out, as those who decide on interview cannot see these details due to data protection.  However, these details are actually very unimportant, which is why more and more people are now starting their resume with an objectives statement or summary first.

“Nothing makes a resume more professional looking than a brief summary of your background and qualifications.  It helps to give the employer a picture of who you are, and if done well, you can begin to draw them in to reading the rest of your resume.”  5 Features of a Standout Career Resume

Whether you decide to put this as the first element of your resume or after your personal details is entirely up to you.  It seems HR professionals do not attach too much value to the position of personal details, so long as they are present.  However, not having personal details right at the top is still quite strange, which means you may stand out for the wrong reasons.  It is a balancing act in terms of whether you want the reader of the resume to know about whom you are, or whether you want them to know a few personal details first.

Include Cultural Experience

We all know that we should put our educational details and work experience in our resume.  However, we often forget that employers look for more than this.  Although it is incredibly important for them to know how you have worked in the past, they also want to know how much experience you have with real life issues.  One of these issues is cultural experience.

“Denotes what experiences you have had with people from other countries and cultures.  You will want to include any language you speak, any time you have spent in a foreign country, any connections you have abroad etc.” 
Top 10 Features You Must Include in Your Resume

The world is becoming flatter and businesses who want to be competitive in the global marketplace now have to work with international partners if they want to make a difference.  This means that somebody who has experience with different cultures and who can speak multiple languages is an asset to any company, whether this experience is professional or personal.  You don’t need to be incredibly detailed with this, but a few short sentences will always look great.

The features of a good resume come down to five main things.  It uses simple language, is free from jargon, and indicates professional experience, for starters.  Second, it is consistent in look, meaning that everything has its place and those things such as headers and bullets are all presented in the same format.  Third, a resume should be to the point.  Employers are not looking for long stories, but for quick details on how you fit the job.  Fourth, a resume contains the correct information.  This means it is correct not just in terms of being relevant to the job you have applied for, but also correct in terms of no lies.  You may believe that many people lie on their resumes, but it is still best not to do that.

Finally, your resume should be in the proper format, which includes the information mentioned above.  Improve your resume and you will see much better results on your job search.


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