Is there a “Best” or “Ideal” DiSC® Classic 2.0 Profile Pattern?

DiSC Classic 2.0 ProfileMany people incorrectly assume there must be one best way of accomplishing tasks.  For example, someone may ask, “What DiSC Classic 2.0 Profile Pattern should a manager have?”  There is no one DiSC Classic Profile Pattern that is better for a manager than any other DiSC Classic Profile Pattern.  Managers with different patterns may approach their managerial duties differently, and then may react differently to a particular situation or to an individual employee, but each may be just as effective as a manager.

Success often has to do with a person’s motivation to succeed.  Another factor that contributes to success is that people often modify their environment to suit the way they like to do things.  A High “S” salesperson may focus on developing a sincere, trusting relationship with clients instead of going for the quick close.  People’s success is not connected to having certain behavioral styles.  Instead, people are effective if they know themselves, understand others, and can adapt to the needs of the situation.

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