Interpersonal Effectiveness Tips and Using DiSC® Profiles

The DiSC Profile and Interpersonal EffectivenessThe Importance of Interpersonal Effectiveness 

There is one thing that really sets a good leader apart and this is the capacity to have excellent inter-personal communication.  This means that they can motivate, influence, persuade and inspire others.  This is known as “non-verbal intelligence,” which means it is about our inner abilities to understand things around us and use these things to motivate both ourselves and others.

Being an effective personal and inter-personal communicator is incredibly important and something that can be learned.  Of course, natural talent is very important as well, but you can practice it, learn it or even enhance it if you’ve already got it.

It’s All About Listening 

An excellent communicator doesn’t just speak, he listens as well.  Effective listening is a sign of respect to others, but it also means you actually hear what is being said and absorb the information presented.

“Avoid jumping to conclusions, making premature judgments, agreements, comparisons, or criticisms.  Seek the reasons behind the comments or statements of those with whom you are speaking.” 
Guidelines for Effective Interpersonal Communication

Whenever you are told a new piece of information, you have to ask yourself why this information is being imparted to you.  Also, consider that you are only hearing one side of a story, which is particularly important if it is a complaint or grievance.  Before you solve a problem, you have to know that you have accessed all the relevant facts.

Use the Right Words 

Naturally, you cannot remain silent all the time either.  You are being told something and a response is expected.  You have to make sure, however, that you choose your words wisely.

“Be aware of the words you are using when talking to others.  Could you be misunderstood or confuse the issue?  Practice clarity and learn to seek feedback to ensure your message has been understood.”  What are Interpersonal Skills?

Using the right words, in the right tone, is about both verbal and non-verbal communication.  You have to learn how to use effective speech and how to ask appropriate questions.  Additionally, you may want to learn more about how to use your voice in order to get your message across in the way you want it to.

Challenge Behavior Not People 

This is possibly the hardest part of personal communication and interpersonal effectiveness to get right.  You must learn that you can only challenge behavior, and not people themselves.  If you do, then you are entering the world of personal attacks, which leads to arguments and resentment and doesn’t actually solve a problem.  Most of us know this, but very few of us truly understand how to get that right.  Any event has to be depersonalized in order to make sure it doesn’t become an actual battle.

Interpersonal effectiveness relies on understanding behavior.  When you understand how you and others behave in certain situations your interpersonal effectiveness will greatly improve.  The most effective way to understand your behavioral style and the behavioral styles of others is through the use of a DiSC Profile.  DiSC Profiles will reveal how you naturally behave in certain situations, give you some people reading skills so you can better understand the behavior of others and strategies to apply this new found knowledge.  The Online DiSC Profile Test is easy to take, easy to understand and extremely valid in it’s results.

“It means using a more effective approach to communicating, removing the unnecessary personal labels and destructive comments.  It means keeping a focus on the issue, allowing for a more creative response to any difficult situation.”
Effective Interpersonal Communication

In Conclusion 

Indeed, creativity is important.  You must be creative with your words and your solutions.  Also, remember that you are not always able to solve the problem and that your role may be just as much about helping people find their own solutions, rather than imposing your ideas for change.

Interpersonal effectiveness through personal communication is always present in workplaces that function effectively.  Employers should ensure that their leaders have the opportunity to grow in the field of communication and that they learn how to use these skills in order to improve the workplace as a whole.  Excellent communication skills are vital in the workplace, as words have the power to both heal and destroy, which demonstrates how important it is to get it right.


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