Improving Customer Service and How The DiSC® Profile Helps

Using The DiSC Profile To Develop Great Customer ServiceGreat Customer Service Is The Key To Business Success

We all know that the customer is king.  That expression has existed for hundreds of years, and it will continue to exist because it is right.  No company can operate without its customers; they are the lifeblood of the organization.

Hence, you have to make sure that they are listened to, feel appreciated and don’t have any reason to complain.  Additionally, your customers also tell you a lot about your company and how you can improve whatever service it is you offer.

How The DiSC Profile Helps Improve Customer Service

One great resource is The Ultimate Guide to The DiSC Profile.  This guide was developed to help individuals, organizations, and institutions better understand DiSC® Profiles.  Intesi! Resources developed this ultimate guide that includes a great deal of information that adds value to businesses, organizations, trainers, coaches and individuals that strive to make informed decisions about which DiSC Profile they need.  The most common questions people have are answered and the guide offers guidance across the entire spectrum of the products that Intesi! Resources offers.

Also, The 15 Top Uses for The DiSC Profile address 15 topics that will affect and improve the delivery of great customer service

The Importance of Customer Service

Did you know that 82% of customers that leave a company to go to another one do so because they are unhappy with the service they received?  And did you know that the vast majority of them won’t tell you about that, but simply go to the next company?  This demonstrates just how important it is for you to make sure you do your customer service right.

“A Harvard Business Review reports that if you can prevent 5% of your customers from leaving you, you can increase your bottom line profit by 25 – 95%.”  Why Customer Service Is So Important

That is a huge potential for profit for what seems like only a little bit of work.  Naturally, you should not think that customer service is easy, but preventing just 5% of people from leaving has to be achievable.  Additionally, you have to remember that those customers that don’t tell you they are leaving will probably tell their friends and family.  You can end up having a bad reputation without even knowing that it has happened.  By keeping your customers happy, you have less risk of being subjected to negative word of mouth.

Secondly, how you deal with your customers says a lot about your future success as a business.

“Generally, companies that treat their customers poorly or act like they don’t care about them aren’t likely to last long at all, especially in this day and age.”  Why Great Customer Service Is Important

Indeed, your customer service gives you an edge over the competition.  No matter what your line of business is, you will have competition.  If buyers can choose between a company that treats them poorly and one that treats them with respect, it is very clear where they will go to.  As such, good customer service also greatly increases your public image.  Just as those who are unhappy with you will talk to their friends and family, so will those who are very happy.  They will recommend your services to people they know, building you a positive reputation.

Customer Service for Online Businesses

A lot of businesses are now fully online, and this means there are new challenges that they have to face.  No longer can someone just return their product to a desk and have a conversation about it.  This all has to be done online.  Additionally, since someone is unable to actually handle a product physically before purchasing it, they have much higher demands in terms of what to do if they are not pleased.  This is why customer service is even more important for online businesses.

“Customer service should cater to the established customer as well as the potential one, respecting the great deal of research that goes into online shopping by offering a path of least resistance to important information.” 
Why Customer Service Is So Important To Online Shoppers

It is very important to understand the mind of an online shopper for an online business.  Not only do you have to offer fantastic after-sales service, but also as they are shopping.  If there is anything they can’t figure out straight away by looking at your online shop, they will open a new tab and go elsewhere.

How to Get You Customer Service Right

It should be clear now how important customer service is to the success of your business.  But how do you get it right?  There are a number of things that you have to make sure you do in order to have great customer service, and the first is that you have to be a great listener.  You have to listen to what your customers are telling you, including what they are not telling you.  You must listen to their complaints just like the way you listen to their compliments or suggestions.  Additionally, you have to demonstrate that you have heard them, and that you are doing something to make sure they have any issues resolved.  It is about understanding that the customer is king.

“You know the value of each customer – and you are aware that positive word of mouth has tremendous value as well.”  Top 10 Customer Service Success Factors

You must, at all times, understand that the service you offer is an investment in the success of your business.  Hence, you should not see it as a cost, as you will also see a return on whatever you spend.  As stated, you will likely see profit increases that by far outweigh any money you put into the service.

Another incredibly important issue is to receive regular customer feedback, and to actually act on this.  This can be done in a variety of different ways.  You could send out questionnaires via email, put a link to an online questionnaire at the back of a receipt, speak to your customers as they come into your store, and many more.  What is very important, however, is that you demonstrate that you have listened to your customers and that you implement their suggestions when possible.  If you can’t implement their suggestions, you must tell them why.  The customer satisfaction survey is probably one of the most important tools at your disposal.

“If your customers know you care enough to ask what they like and dislike about your company, you may have a high repeat business rate.  Paying attention to their comments tells them that they’re more than just a revenue stream to you.”  Importance of Customer Satisfaction Survey

There are various other benefits to these surveys as well.  For instance, you can collect data on the products or services you sell.  Additionally, it can give you fantastic new ideas, demonstrates where you have to improve and makes it easier to build proper growth strategies.


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