Improve Your Resume With A DiSC® Profile, And Other Hints, Tips

Use the DiSC Profile to Improve a ResumeIt’s Tough Out There Looking For A Job

Finding a new job is incredibly difficult, particularly while we are still going through difficult economic times.  Indeed, the economy is recovering and jobs are being created, but the reality remains that far more people apply for the same job as they did several years ago.

This means that where once we had to stand out during an interview, we now have to stand out in our resume.  Hopefully, the following hints and tips will help you to build a killer resume, helping you to get your foot in the door.

Differentiating Yourself With The DiSC Profile

With today’s challenging job market it is more important that ever to get your resume to the top of the ever growing pile that employers struggle with daily.  Potential employers get hundreds if not thousands of resumes for each open position.  So how do you make your resume standout?  Make it different by using the information and insights contained in a DiSC Profile.

A DiSC Profile contains information about yourself that you can add to your resume that potential employers will find valuable.  In addition it will prepare you for a behavioral interview because you will have responses to questions about strengths, weaknesses, how you handle certain circumstances and other information.  When you develop your resume with the help of a DiSC Profile your resume could find its way to the top of the stack and remain there.  For more information go to: Improve Your Resume With a DiSC Profile.

Show Results

All of us tend to follow a certain format (it is even often a template for a word processor that we can use by simply filling in the blanks).  It tends to contain personal details, education, work experience, a personal statement and references.  However, although this format works and is very good, because it allows potential employers to look straight for the information that matters to them, it doesn’t focus on how good you are.  It is descriptive of your duties, rather than of the results you have achieved.

“State the action you performed and the achieved results.  Include details about what you increased or decreased.  Use numbers to reflect, how much, how many, and percentage of gain or reduction.”  21 Ways to Improve Your Resume

Hence, instead of giving a synopsis of your job description for each post, give them examples of things you do and how good you are in doing them.  This will really make you stand out as someone who is capable.

Don’t Lie

It is very likely that you know some people who openly admit that they have lied on their resumes.  It is even likely that you have done it yourself.  After all, they say that everybody does it and that they don’t check on those details anyway.  There is some truth to it, but the reality is that you will get caught at some point in time.  In addition, by lying, you are building unrealistic expectations of yourself and if you then can’t meet those expectations, you will be in a terrible position.

“Any resume lie — even a seemingly inconsequential one — can put your job search and future job security in jeopardy.  Replace lies with truths — or set about making the lies true.  It could be as simple as putting the word “pursuing” before that imaginary degree on your resume.”  Creative Ways to Improve Your Resume

Make It Look Good

For years, we have been told that we should fit a resume on one page.  Some even suggest that the main parts of information should be on the first half of a page, as this is what people will see when they take it out of the envelope.  The result of this, however, is that resumes have become cluttered and unreadable.  You have to make sure that your resume looks good, that it has clearly defined lines and areas, so that recruiters can go straightaway to the parts that matter to them.  You will never be able to fit this into a single page.

“What you should avoid is having one full page with just a little bit of text on your second page.  If you fill a third or less of the second page, consider condensing to one page.”  Ten Easy Ways to Improve Your Resume: Tips for Job-Seekers

What is far more important than length is the focus of your resume.  One useful tip is to put your resume upside down and step a few feet away from it.  Look at what stands out to you, what part catches your eye?  If it is not the best or most important area of your resume, you need to reshuffle or rewrite it.  Play with margins and fonts to make sure it all will look exactly right.

In Conclusion

Even the smallest detail can make or break your opportunity of you getting in the door for an interview.  Do not shortchange your opportunity to get the job you want by not doing everything you can to make your resume the best one possible.  It is the first impression you make to potential employers – make it count.


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