How To Sell To A DiSC® Profile “S” Style.


DiSC Profile Steadiness StyleThe “Steadiness,” or “S” DiSC Profile Style individuals, is also people-oriented – but at a much slower pace than the “i” style.  The “S” person doesn’t like to be forced into making changes or quick decisions.  They’re patient, loyal, and calm, making them excellent listeners and “peacekeepers” when conflict breaks out.  Their focus is on being overly cooperative with people.

You can identify these individuals by their reserved, indirect, but people-oriented approach to others.  Their speech may appear softer, with an open posture.  They will have relaxed, warm facial expressions and prefer a casual approach.

Selling to the “S” Style:

When selling to the “S” style, it’s important that you listen to them. They need to feel you understand their needs.  Assure the individuals that you and your organization are customer- and service-oriented.  Just don’t push them into quick buying decisions.  Show how you’re interested in a long-term relationship with their company, and that they can depend on you whenever necessary.  The “S” style customers are more loyal to you when other vendors come knocking on their door.

Do’s & Don’ts

Most salespeople tend to sell to others the way they would like someone to sell to them.  That’s not going to work!   In sales it’s important to remember this rule:  “Do unto others as they would have you do unto them.”


  • Focus on “how”
  • Assure client’s buying decision
  • Provide excellent attention and service
  • Patiently listen to needs


  • Rush client into quick buying decisions
  • Forget to regularly follow-up
  • Have an “I don’t care” attitude
  • Be abrupt or fast

For help in understanding your sales style and to improve your selling See: Everything DiSC Sales Profile.

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