How To Sell To A DiSC® Profile “i” Style.


DiSC Profile Influence Style“Influence,” or “i” DiSC Profile Style individuals are frequently thought of as “people persons.”  They’re enthusiastic and upbeat – enjoying the interaction with others in a humorous, lighthearted way.  These individuals can appear to be the eternal optimists, usually seeing the glass as half-full rather than half-empty, and can be quite persuasive about things they’re passionate about.

You can identify them as being outgoing and direct, very talkative and interactive.  These people tend to speak quickly, use animated expressions, and express their feelings freely.  They can appear to be casual and friendly in their interactions with others and love to express themselves in a jovial, humorous way.  Sometimes you’ll notice trinkets or fun gadgets in their office – it’s their way of adding levity to the work environment.

Selling to the “i” Style:

When selling to the “i” style, match your pace and presentation to their energetic approach.  Be friendly and sociable – let them know you like them personally.  Where appropriate, take them to lunch.  You need to provide testimonials and personal stories on how other people have responded to your company’s product or service.  Show enthusiasm for the benefits your product or service can provide.  Also, make sure you support the individuals by providing whatever detailed follow-up work is necessary; don’t ask them to do it.  Make it easy for them to buy from you.

Do’s & Don’ts

Most salespeople tend to sell to others the way they would like someone to sell to them.  That’s not going to work!   In sales it’s important to remember this rule:  “Do unto others as they would have you do unto them.”


  • Focus on “who”
  • Provide testimonials
  • Be upbeat and friendly
  • Handle details when possible


  • Emphasize technicalities of product
  • Be overly formal and reserved
  • Add to client’s workload
  • Leave decisions unclear

For help in understanding your sales style and to improve your selling See: Everything DiSC Sales Profile.

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